Broadening Your Core Values

Anna Marie Askin-Evans, LPC, LMFT, a professional counselor from the Center for Holistic Psychotherapy has started a YouTube channel. This channel is focused on broadening your core values. It does this by providing information on how to take care of yourself.  In particular, this includes taking care of the health of your mind, spirit, and body. The aim is to help people with mental health issues and any other challenges that they might be facing in their regular lives. This is especially true when people are transitioning back into their normal lives after living the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic. The Center for Holistic Psychotherapy is situated in Warrenton, Virginia. They provide both in-person and virtual counseling sessions. The in-person counseling sessions follow all the guidelines of the CDC and the practice of safe distancing.

Helps Create Value

According to Anna Marie Askin-Evans, their center is unique in the way that they believe every person who is passing through their door has value and they also have an innate drive to create value. But the stressful time spent during the recent times of pandemic has resulted in a disconnection between people and their ability to create value. Anna Marie Askin-Evans said that all different kinds of mental issues can be treated at the Center for Holistic Psychotherapy. But, one of the main things that they have been trying to achieve is that through life experiences, value can be created in life.

Ways to Improve Your Condition

Anna Marie Askin-Evans’ piece of advice is that people need to think of ways to improve their situation. This is especially true for times when things start to get overwhelming or life becomes stressful. At the center, clients are encouraged to look at making small incremental improvements, this helps to develop new habits and thought processes. This can start simply by taking a walk, calling a friend, or just reading a book. Also, she puts stress on connecting with people that we value. If one feels stressed, or thinks the situation is becoming overwhelming, reach out to people so that you can find your support system.

Getting Help

Another thing that can be done to bring improvement is to protect our well-being. In addition, improve the well-being of others that we value. Also, Anna Marie Askin-Evans emphasizes the importance of gratitude. In addition, appreciate that gratitude can help us in transforming certain feelings that overwhelm us. However, if you feel in need of some professional help, reach out to your local therapist. Anna Marie Askin-Evans recommends as a good source of getting professional help. Furthermore, if you have some questions, you can check her Facebook page “Know your core value”. Or, you can visit for further information. Finally, you can also check her YouTube channel.

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