Ways to Workout at Home with Gym Equipment

You don't need to go to a gym to get a workout. In fact, you can get a good workout in your home with home gym equipment. Now, one of the most challenging thing during the COVID 19 pandemic was trying to stay fit. Indeed, this was a concern not just for me. It was also a concern for everyone who were confined to their homes but wanted to stay fit. Incidentally, staying fit helps you fight COVID-19 if you do get it. That's why I decided to workout at home with some home gym equipment.

In this article, I will share some proven home workouts with gym equipment.

Why should you work out at home?

When it comes to working out, you will have countless excuses for not working out. As a result most people can't change their body shape. By the way, do you know what the most common excuse is?

I don't have time. Yes, you're reading it right. In fact, this was my excuse also when I tried several times to start working out, but failed.

Moreover, people, who have countless excuses for not working out, have just more than this one.

That's why I am talking about home workouts here. Workouts at home can help you avoid a lot of excuses. Furthermore, home workouts also have advantages. For example, because you don't need to pay gym fees every month, workouts at home cost less. Also, even if you buy gym equipment, those are a one-time investment. And, the benefits from this investment will remain for a long time.

Do you know what the most precious commodity in the world is?

It is the time!

When you work out in the gym, it may take many minutes every day to get to the gym. Once there, you may also spend more time talking with people, shower,  etc. Also, you may have to wait for a machine to become available. And, all this cost time. But if you work out at home you won't waste time as you do in the gym.

Moreover, if there is a pandemic, it is safe to work out at home as you are not interacting with other people like in the gym.

So, workouts in the home have countless benefits. Let's talk about some ways to work out at home with gym equipment.

8 Ways to work out at home with gym equipment 
1. Dumbbells for weight training 

I want to workout at home, but I have less space in my home.

If this is your problem, then dumbbells is the answer for you. If your home doesn't have enough space for gym equipment, then you can start with dumbbells. With dumbbells, you can perform Russian twists, side crunches, seated shoulder press, front raises, shrugs, triceps kickbacks, etc.

When it comes to the benefits of these workouts, it is enormous. Just tell me what parts of the body don't develop from these exercises. Almost all parts of your body get benefits from these workouts.

Also, you can use dumbbells individually or connect multiple ones with connecting rods. So, if you want to do extreme workouts, then you can use several dumbbells at once.

2. A mat for lying down 

What will you do when you need to do a floor workout?

You can do floor workouts on floors or on a mat. But workouts on a hard floor can hurt your back, and workouts on a thick towel can slip and cause serious injuries. That's why you should seriously consider buying a mat for lying down on the floor during a floor workout.

Now, you can choose a yoga mat or a normal mat; it is up to you. But, if you want to do extreme workouts, then go with a better one.

Incidentally, exercise mats come in handy for several reasons. One of them being that they give you comfort during floor workouts.

Also, mats are great for knees, wrists, and hips.

Moreover, if you want to keep yourself clean and apply protection between the floor and yourself, then the mat is the right thing to try.

Finally, the mat is a great safety provider in a floor workout. For example, there are some extreme workouts that cause you to slip. So, in this case, the mat comes in handy.   

3. Jumping rope for cardio

Stuck indoors but can't go jogging?

If this is your problem, then jumping rope is the ideal solution for you. Moreover, jumping rope is great for cardio workouts. It is impossible to exaggerate the advantages of this small piece of equipment.

For example, if you want to burn calories in a short period of time, jumping rope could just be the right answer. In fact, you can burn 200 to 300 calories in just 15 minutes. Also, it burns more calories than other cardio workouts such as jogging and running.

Now, which exercise helps you to improve coordination?

Can't remember?

Indeed, jumping rope also helps to improve coordination between your different body parts. In fact, according to research jumping rope helps to develop coordination for autistic children.

So, it is a great tool to add to your home gym equipment list. Indeed, jumping rope will give you many benefits.    

4. Rowing machine for exercising muscles

There is a common misconception about rowing machine: that it only involves the arms. But, that is not the truth. In fact, a rowing machine workout is a full-body workout that involves 85% of your muscles.

And, the best part of this machine is that anyone can exercise with it. It doesn't matter what your current fitness condition or your vision is. Moreover, a rowing machine gives you a low impact workout.

Furthermore, a rowing machine has a lot of benefits: it is great for heart and lung health. Moreover, if you're looking for the best alternative to jogging, adding a rowing machine in your home gym equipment list would be an excellent option. 

5. Stationary Bike for cardio exercise

Here is another great home workout machine you should try at home. Though stationary bikes have been on the scene for a while, they have become popular recently. By the way, the stationary bike replicates bicycling.

In fact, the stationary bike is great for a cardio workout. Moreover, it does an excellent job for working out your arms and legs.

When it comes to the best exercise for the heart, nothing can be better than the stationary bike. Indeed, stationary bike workouts have the highest impact on the heart.

Also, it is three times more effective than running for burning calories.

And, the best thing about this workout is that it helps fight type two diabetes.

So, a few minutes on a stationary bike would make a big difference for you.

However, stationary bikes are a bit expensive home gym equipment. For example, with a $500 budget, you will be able to get a decent stationary bike. 

6. Suspension training system for full-body exercise

Here is the first full-body exercise tool in our list of home exercise gym equipment. Probably, it is the smallest piece of equipment on our list. In fact, you can keep it in your desk drawer. Also, because the suspension training system is physically small, you can carry it anywhere you want.

Now, the suspension training system consist of two straps, using an anchor and looping mechanism. As a result, you can attach it to a closed-door, tree, or a pipe.

Next, with the help of the suspension training system, you can perform a wide range of whole body workouts.  And, it offers a wide range of benefits. For example, it improves your body coordination. Also, it can be used by those at all levels of fitness.       

7. Treadmill for Running

What if I want to get the complete running experience?

In this case, you have no option except the treadmill. The treadmill is excellent for running workouts. You will get the complete experience of running or jogging.

For treadmills, I would like to recommend you go for the smart treadmill. Smart treadmills became a very popular gym equipment for home workouts. It provides a great cardiovascular workout option. Moreover, it is said to be most effective for exercising your heart.

8. Massage roller for after workout training

This great list of home workout gym equipment can't be complete without the massage roller. Because it helps increase blood flow after a workout. a massage roller is a must. Also, if you get pain after a workout, the massage roller can help relieve the pain. In addition, it also helps get rid of post-workout stress. Consequently, the list of gym equipment wouldn't be complete without the massage roller So, make sure you add the massage roller to your list of home workout equipment.

Final words

You may not have been aware of all the benefits you get from working out with home gym equipment, but after reading this article, I hope you now have all the knowledge to start working out with home gym equipment.