Find the Best Elliptical for Short Person

Have you wondered, "what is the best elliptical for short person?” since a short person you are disadvantaged at getting the ideal one. Keep reading for more.


When looking for an elliptical for a short person it may take time because most of this equipment is designed with tall people in mind. This makes short people go the extra mile to find a suitable elliptical. Though it may seem difficult, the good news is you can find the right elliptical to suit your short size.

In the case of ellipticals, what many people ask is what elliptical is good for short people? The good elliptical is the one that helps you as a short person to work out without causing injuries. This means your feet must fit the pedals appropriately to get the most of your session.

What elliptical is good for short people?

When searching for a short person elliptical machine, a question that pops up is what elliptical is good for short people? It is one designed with short stride length to guarantee safety during your sessions. Going for a machine whose stride length is too long will make you injure yourself during your sessions, which should not be the case. Don’t sacrifice having a vigorous cardio routine because you are short.

An elliptical machine that will work out for a short person is one having a maximum stride of 14-18”. That way, you won't end up straining your groin muscle caused by overstretching your legs. To get excellent results as a short person using an elliptical machine, get a machine with a short stride for an effective workout. Over striding, when using this machine will not improve your speed; instead, it will cause sore muscles.

What makes a good elliptical for short people?

A good elliptical for short people is one that ensures you have your workouts without harming your body. This machine is remarkable because of its capacity to exercise multiple groups of muscles. Therefore, is you are looking to have a cardio exercise to burn more calories, consider using the elliptical.

Let us look at some factors that contribute to a good elliptical for short people.

● Stride length

A good elliptical for short people is one having smaller strides. Stride length is the distance your leg covers by moving forward and backward when using an elliptical machine. Short people have short legs meaning the elliptical chosen should match the short height. The appropriate stride length for short people should be 13 inches to 18 inches. If you are short, it means that extending your legs will not be possible; thus, you need to leave that to the tall people.

● Level of resistance

The amount of resistance exerted when using this machine determines your overall workout results. The amount of fat your body burns is affected directly by the level of resistance your body has. It is imperative that you keep your resistance in check because overdoing it may cause injuries. The elliptical machine should offer various resistance strengths to build strong leg muscles.

● Durability

Inasmuch as the elliptical you consider buying has all the right features, but it's not going to last long, it is of no use to you. This is because it will only serve you for a short time before wearing out, and that is something you don't want to experience. Quality will determine the durability of an elliptical machine because it will be stable as you carry on with your workouts. If it is not stable, then know it will fall apart because it cannot bear the intensity you will subject it to.

● Comfort

Let’s face it; if an elliptical machine does not offer high comfort levels, it is not ideal. The features instilled in this machine should provide maximum support as you carry out with your sessions to deliver a high performance.

● Posture consideration

The elliptical, just like any other fitness equipment, is no exception when it comes to the right posture and alignment. Proper posture means you don't lean forward or backward too much when exercising. If the correct posture is not maintained, you end up hurting your back, making it the end of your workout session.

Why use an elliptical?

  • What makes an elliptical stand out from the rest is it offers a full-body workout. This is because as you use this machine, you work out your abs, back, arms, legs, and glutes.
  • When you use an elliptical machine, you end up burning a lot of calories in no time. You will be amazed at the fact that this machine can burn up to 400 calories in less than 30 minutes. This means if you want to attain a specific body weight, this is the machine to use to achieve that.
  • If you have sustained injuries preventing your form from engaging in physical exercises, you can opt for an elliptical machine to build your fitness. This machine offers low impact exercise, meaning it will not strain your muscles and joints.
  • To improve your cardio capacity, use an elliptical machine, which also works excellently to boost your stamina. Cardio offers a form of a balanced exercise routine by making your lungs and heart work extra hard to provide a sufficient supply of blood and oxygen.
  • To burn more fats in no time; that way, you will have toned muscles as you will have maximized on burning of fats.

Final thought

Making use of an elliptical as a short person goes hand in hand with finding the machine that works best with you. What elliptical is good for short people? The best one comes with the right stride length that matches the height of a short person.

Now that you know which is the right elliptical to suit a short person, it is time you hit the market to get yours. Ensure it fits your budget, and it comes with proper features that will guarantee excellent results. You will not regret getting an elliptical machine that suits your height because it will perform efficiently.