What Can Go Wrong with A Mobility Scooter?

Seniors with poor blood circulation tend to have weak legs. Now, there are ways to mitigate the weak legs. Incidentally, the weak legs also make it difficult for seniors to walk. Fortunately, a mobility scooter helps these seniors get around and do chores. However, seniors can become dependent on the scooter. So, it is important for them to know what can go wrong and be prepared.


Mobility scooters offer life-changing support to the disabled and elders, making them extremely essential devices. Many people with mobility issues have turned to mobility scooters raising the number of its usage over the years. It offers efficiency, relieving the user the stress of moving around.

But what can go wrong with a mobility scooter? Various mechanical issues can make a mobility scooter break down when you least expect it. There are other problems that this device can encounter from time to time, but that happens depending on the model you are using. This means when purchasing a mobility scooter, ensure it has the right features.

What can go wrong with a mobility scooter?

Most of the mechanical devices are susceptible to breaking down, and a mobility scooter is no exception. What can go wrong with a mobility scooter? Many things can go wrong, for instance, breaking down in the middle of nowhere. While an outdoor mobility scooter provides services to people having mobility issues, it can easily disappoint you whenever a problem occurs. When this device's mechanisms fail to function, you may end up getting stranded not able to get to your destination.

Electrical issues may also affect the functioning of a mobility scooter which is why you may find it difficult to start it. This can be handled by a professional electrician who checks the origin of the problem and repairs it. Another problem could be that the scooter's chair is not giving you the comfort it should, or the wheels are stuck. So, if something goes wrong with your scooter, relax, then check your scooter to establish what the problem could be.

Common mobility scooter problems

In reality, mobility scooters have been designed to offer reliability and dependability. This means if you have mobility issues, a mobility scooter is quite capable of getting to your destination with ease. Some of the common problems that a mobility scooter has can be taken care of in advance to prevent uncalled for embarrassment on the road.

However, if the scooter cannot handle its tasks, it means there must be some underlying issues such as the following.

• Battery problems

Most mobility scooters are battery powered meaning if the battery has a problem, it may lead to scooter issues. Even though battery problems are encountered every now and then, it can really frustrate you when it happens unexpectedly. Imagine a battery cutting your journey short because of loss of power. Some of the common battery problems that occur require better attention, such as charging a battery. If you notice that your battery is not holding enough power, it may be because it cannot hold a charge. A mobility scooter battery that has served you for years should be replaced with a new one to prevent anything going wrong with your mobility scooter.

• Tires

Tires are what causes motion to a mobility scooter. If the tires are not up to standard, it means that the scooter will experience mobility issues, mostly if the tires are already worn out. That is why it is paramount that you replace tires from time to time to ensure that they don’t end up disappointing you. Tires for these scooters are designed to last for many years. However, that does not mean that you neglect them because, by doing that, you cut down on the performance of this scooter. Remember that worn-out tires have an impact on cornering stability as well as braking performance. That is why it’s essential that you keep an eye on the tires to ensure that the scooter offers you the best service.

• Replaceable parts

A mobility scooter, just like any other mechanical device, is meant to have replacement parts. This is because as you use this scooter, some parts will be worn out. There are critical parts in this kind of scooter that require replacement. And, if that is not done, the scooter will suffer. Understanding which parts need replacement goes hand in hand with carrying out proper maintenance of the scooter. That is something you should take keen note on.

• Damaged motor

If the motor is inadvertently damaged, it affects the operations of the mobility scooter. In as much as a motor is designed ruggedly to keep up a scooter's operations, once it malfunctions, your scooter will be of no use. The motor can be affected by adverse weather conditions such that it gets malfunctioned. Be keen to check the motor after some time to ensure that it is still in perfect condition. If it has any issues, have an expert look at it while recommending appropriate measures to improve its life.

• Poor positioning of the freewheel lever

Freewheel levers are powerful tools on the backside of your mobility scooter that enable you to switch operations from manual to motorized and vice versa. These tools are extremely important even though many people are not keen on their operations, yet they can make you get stranded on the road. If freewheel levers are not well-positioned, it may be challenging to make the switch, mainly if the battery you are using has run out, and you want to swap to manual.

Final thought

When your mobility scooter is not functioning as it should, it makes your head spin without answers. What can go wrong with a mobility scooter? Issues affecting the battery or motor can make this scooter not perform as it should. Poor maintenance can also affect the performance significantly, meaning it is vital that you ensure proper care.

A mobility scooter provides a lot of benefits to people having mobility challenges. They play an important role in society, primarily being enhancing movement from one place to another. Therefore, it is paramount that you invest your time and energy to ensure that the scooter keeps offering you the best service for years.