Under Desk Elliptical Buyers Guide

Contains under desk elliptical buyers guide that is used to understand features of under desk elliptical machines, reviewed elsewhere on this site. Also, this under desk elliptical buyers guide is used with under desk elliptical FAQ to find the best.


While it would be preferable to get a sitting elliptical ready for use upon delivery, assembling the elliptical should be easy. In fact, the less assembly required, the better.


Next, a sitting elliptical made of heavy-duty alloys or steel is preferable. At least the frame must be metal. And, since you may push them hard, the pedals need to be made from heavy duty plastic such as ABS or better. Indeed, the more solid the construction, the longer the elliptical will last, and more stable it will be.


Also, the sitting elliptical should fit wherever it’s going to be used. For example, if it’s going to be used under a desk, then the elliptical shouldn’t take up all the space underneath the desk. Furthermore, it’s low enough for you to use it underneath the desk.


Displays help you keep track of your workouts. Example of workout metrics include exercise time, strides, total strides, calories, and strides per minute. Moreover, you use this information to monitor your progress over time, or simply to ensure you met your daily target.


Next, the sitting elliptical exercises the muscles you want to get exercised.


A handle makes it easier to move the sitting elliptical around with one hand. In the meantime, the heavier the sitting elliptical, the greater the need for a handle.

Height for use Under a Desk

If the sitting elliptical is going to be used under a desk, you need to measure the distance between the top of your knee, when sitting on a chair, and the floor with your shoes on. Next you need to measure the highest point the top of the pedal reaches above the floor. So, to use the elliptical below a desk, the sum of these two numbers needs to be less than the distance between the underside of the table or desk top and the floor. By the way , the typical knee space under a desk is 20 to 26 inches. However, some desks or tables could be higher.


Because the sitting elliptical is likely to be used in office environments or while watching TV or reading a book, it needs to run as quietly as possible. Most of all, elliptical machine using magnetic resistance run quieter. On the other hand, elliptical machine that uses friction for resistance tends to be noisy.


Most of all, to drive the pedals with your feet, the pedals need to be non-slip and have a textured surface or else your feet will not grip the pedals.

Pedal Movement

Next, different muscles are exercised when the pedals move forwards and backwards.


Furthermore, the sitting elliptical should not slide on carpets, mats, and hard floors as you use the machine.


Tension is sometimes referred to as resistance. And, nearly all sitting elliptical machines provide the capability to adjust tension so that you can change your workout intensity. However, not all sitting elliptical machines provide markers that allow you to easily identify tension levels. Furthermore, such markers help you record tension levels of your workouts. And these markers are especially important, if the sitting elliptical is used by others.


Because the sitting elliptical may be used under a desk, in front of a couch, or some other place, being lightweight becomes an advantage in terms of moving it from one location to another. While lightweight is great for moving the machine, it may make the machine unstable.


In addition, manufacturers design sitting elliptical for different uses. So, you want to look for sitting elliptical machines that meet your needs. For example, some are designed for strengthening legs while located under a desk in the office or at home. While others give an upper body workout by standing on the machine.


The longer the warranty period the better you are protected against manufacturing defects. Generally, a 90-day period will cover majority of manufacturing defects. Since most defects are found in this period, it’s important to ensure your purchase is covered during that time. In addition, a longer warranty period, implies that the sitting elliptical is better built to last a longer time.


While, a sitting elliptical that weighs less are easier to carry around, they may not offer enough stability in use. On the other hand, heavier sitting ellipticals offer more stability, but may be difficult to move frequently.

Weight Capacity

While sitting ellipticals are usable for anyone without regard to their weight, their use while standing may require users not exceed weight limits.


In conclusion, you are looking for essentially a sitting elliptical that:

First of all, will allow you to use the sitting elliptical under or near a desk or a table or on a table, or next to a couch.

Second, is reasonably solid.

Third, is quiet.

Fourth, offers adjustable tension.

Also, displays exercise time, strides per minute, count of strides, and calories.

Finally, has at least a 90-day warranty.