Top Three Mind and Body Benefits of Essential Oils

Why should you make a habit of adding essential oils to your health routine? If you’re considering making a habit of using these oils, you will be glad to know that different types of these oils have benefits that may just be right for you. Using high levels of pharmaceutical drugs have dangerous side effects. Using alternative natural medicine such as essential oils from stores like Love Thy Oils is a better option which offers soothing and quick results.

Enhances mood and creates positivity

Scents are a powerful stimulus that directly effects the brain, triggering powerful emotional responses. When you draw in essential oils, your brain will experience certain emotions resulting in feeling energized, optimistic, and joyful. These oils can be infused in a hot bath or an oil diffuser to create a positive ambience inside your home.

Eucalyptus essential oil is a natural stimulant that can help you easily feel alert in the morning. It is also a great enhancer for overall mood.

Jasmine essential oils not only greatly reduce stress but also improves overall mood. It can help you become more alert.

The three essential oils, Jasmine, sandalwood, and vanilla, help improve mood and promote feelings of positivity and optimism.

Grapefruit essential oils boost energy to help you seize the day. Rosemary oil not only eliminates stress and promotes positive feelings but also enhances brain function. This oil is extremely effective if you need to focus on an exam or make a positive impression in a job interview.

Essential oils for relaxation and sleep

Many pieces of research have revealed that aromatherapy is extremely effective in treating psychological distress such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

When you use these oils, they helps trigger positive signals in your brain to significantly minimize negative emotional conditions. You may infuse these oils in a diffuser or a hot bath.

You may also apply these oils topically to trigger points throughout your body for soothing effects. Examples of these points are the neck, elbows, behind the ears, and the knees' back.

The application of lavender essential oils has been proven to be highly effective as a relief for anxiety. Studies have also linked lavender oil use to the elimination of depression. Additionally, lavender can reduce PTSD symptoms and postpartum depression. Since lavender oil promotes relaxation of the mind, it is also a potent sleep aid.

Inflammation Relief

Certain types of essential oils have potent anti-inflammatory properties that can minimize irritation and inflammation when applied topically to the skin. These oils can either be applied directly to the skin or combined with a carrier oil.

Tea tree oil is highly valued in reducing acne and skin inflammation. The redness associated with inflammation is likewise reduced. When combined with lavender, it can help relieve cold sores.

When it comes to digestive inflammation, peppermint essential oil is extremely effective. Peppermint reduces inflammation in the gut that results from digestive issues.

Rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils can minimize inflammation of the sinuses and throat, which result from colds. These two oils can also help ease airways and clear out blocked sinus passages.


Essential oils are sourced from various plants and flowers and have ultra-relaxing effects. It is a natural therapy that heals mind and body discomfort. You can breathe it or apply it topically for easy absorption by the body. There are tons of essential oils to choose from, and sites like Love Thy Oils have a complete high-quality selection. Please find the best oils that can heal you and make it a part of your lifestyle.