General Tips

Below are general tips for your well being.

Safety tip when you are lost

Using your cell phone's voicemail comes in handy when you are in high risk situations like getting lost while hiking, car breaks down and your cell phone is low on power. Use voicemail to let others know of your situation or location. So, when the phone dies, they can still call your phone to hear the voicemail and help you.

What to put in your wallet

The less you carry the safer you are. Essential things to carry are your driver's license, one (at most two) credit card, some cash, and grocery card. It's best not to carry your social security card, bank checks, passport, and any other items that give away your identification information.

What to discard frequently

Sponges: Because they hold lots of bacteria, scientists say it's best to discard them after a week. Pillows: Replace them every two years. Toothbrush: Replace them every 3 to 4 months. Medications: Discard prior to their expiration date.

Looking for a low cost air fare

Some air travel sites raise fares for the same flight each time you search for it. To avoid this, use browser incognito mode (Press Ctrl + Shift + n) in Windows Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Linux, or (Press ⌘ + Shift + n) in Mac.

Tips for driving long distances

Map out path to destination, sleep and eat well before trip, stop as necessary to be comfortable (anywhere from every 45 minutes to three hours), check if car is ready to travel the distances, and start with a full tank.

The many benefits of vinegar

Listed here are some of the many benefits of vinegar a) Half a cup in the washing machine makes your towels fluffy; b) Running a short cycle, a cup of vinegar in an empty dishwasher makes it sparkling clean and run more efficiently; c) Clean car windows by spraying vinegar and wiping them; d) Clean your kitchen's garbage disposal, but dropping ice cubes (made from 1 part vinegar and 1 part water) into the disposal and running it; e) Soak white vinegar with paper towel and press against bruised area of the skin to remove bruise mark and pain; f) Lightly rub vinegar on stained clothes and wash them in the washing machine at the next opportunity.

How to keep pillows clean

Wash your pillowcases once a week, using hot water. However, if you tend to drool or sleep with make up on, wash pillowcases more frequently. Furthermore, wash your pillows every six months with hot water and mild detergent. Also, down or feather pillows can be washed in a washing machine using the gentle cycle. However, don't wash foam pillows. Incidentally, some pillows can be dry cleaned. Finally, replace your pillows with new ones every one or two years.

Other Tips