The Best Head Thermometer for You

The head thermometer can accurately read a person’s temperature in less than 10 seconds. They are quick, convenient, and safe to use on the whole family. You are trying to use this thermometer.

Head Thermometer Can be Used You and Your Family

A head thermometer is a device that can quickly read accurate temperatures to detect a fever. It measures the temperature at the temporal artery, which is directly connected to the heart via the carotid artery.

This offers the constant blood flow needed for accurate measurement.

Best Forehead/Head Thermometer in 2020

Fast and accurate: Metene Infrared Digital Thermometer.

A multi-mode model: Vigorun Medical Digital Infrared Thermometer.

Consistently reliable: iProven DMT-489.

Take age-specific readings: Braun 3-in-1 No Touch.

Best for babies: iProven No Touch Thermometer.

Fast reading: Metene Instant Digital Forehead Thermometer.

Braun Head Thermometer

The Braun head Thermometer offers professional accuracy at home. It is quick and easy to use. You gently wipe this across the head for an accurate reading in seconds. It is safe to use on the whole family.

Exergen Temporal Scan Head Artery Baby Thermometer

The Exergen Temporal Scan head Artery Baby Thermometer Scanner is reliable enough to be trusted by nurses, pediatricians, and medical professionals. It is completely nonintrusive and quick and easy to use.

With a gentle head swipe, you can get an accurate reading. It features red LED lights and a soft-glow display. It is safe to use on the whole family.

iProvèn Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function

Amazon’s Choice for head thermometers, the iProvèn Medical Ear Thermometer with head function is both an ear and head thermometer. It is accurate, reliable, consistent, quick, and easy to use.

It is clinically tested, FDA-approved, and trusted by pediatricians and medical professionals.


The Clinical Head Thermometer Instant Read Sensor for Digital Fever Measurement can be used to measure the temperature of a person, room, or even objects.

The FDA-approved infrared scanner is noncontact and completely noninvasive.

It features the newest in infrared and digital thermometer technology for professional accuracy. It also has a refined microchip and highly sensitive sensor for better accuracy.

The medical-grade instant digital measurement is trusted by physicians and medical professionals and is safe for all members of the family.

Braun No-Touch Plus

The Braun No-Touch Plus Head Thermometers is the first thermometer to require accurate temperatures with a mild touch of the top or no touch in the least.

The clinically-proven patented technology captures twice the maximum amount of body heat to make sure professionally accurate results.

It is quick and easy to use thanks to the unique on-screen positioning system and gentle guidance light, which ensures proper positioning.

The large, easy-to-read screen features a backlight and delicate LED light. It produces a silent reading in under three seconds.

The durable thermometer is safe for use on the whole family. And those are our recommendations for the simplest forehead thermometers.

Digital Stick Thermometers

A digital stick thermometer is the most generally sold and cheapest type. Look for one with an LCD display that’s easy to read and a start button that’s easy to press.

Many thermometers have an audible beep or other signal indicating that the reading is complete – meaning you won’t have to keep checking your watch. Digital thermometers rely on batteries to function.

Decide whether you want a rigid-tip or flexible-tip thermometer. Generally, children and adults who had their temperatures taken orally in our tests said that rigid digital stick thermometers were less comfortable than flexible types.

Many rigid-tip thermometers are designed to require underarm or rectal temperatures also as oral temperatures.

Not all flexible-tip thermometers can be used rectally, so you’ll need to read the labels.

Where to use: oral, underarm, and rectal (with the exception of some flexible-tip models, so be sure to read labels).

Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers measure the warmth emitted by the body. Some infrared can be difficult to position, but their digital readout takes just 1 to 3 seconds – among the shortest times of all the thermometers we tested.

But these thermometers are also among the most expensive – and they aren’t necessarily more accurate than less-costly digital stick thermometers.

Infrared tympanic thermometers measure the temperature inside the ear canal. Note that if an ear thermometer probe tip is cold, it can offer you a cooler reading. Some models have a pre-warming feature for better accuracy.

This type of thermometer is quick and easy to use. The top infrared thermometers in our tests were forehead models.

Not surprisingly, the youngsters in our study preferred forehead-type thermometers to oral and ear types.

One young participant expressed a standard sentiment among testers of forehead thermometers: “It felt really smooth on my forehead and it glided easily.”

A non-contact infrared thermometer typically works by holding the thermometer wand an in. or two from the patient’s forehead and pressing a button to display two red circles of sunshine on the forehead.

You then move the thermometer closer to or farther from the forehead until the 2 red circles converge into one red circle and release the button, at which point the temperature is displayed.

If your child is restless, it may be difficult to get an accurate temperature.

Many thermometers have an audible beep or other signal indicating that the reading is complete – meaning you will not need to keep checking your watch.

The manufacturer says you’ll also use this thermometer to live the temperature of an area or the baby’s bath or bottle, but we didn’t test those features.

Buyers Guide of Head Thermometer

Is a forehead thermometer accurate?

Now, rectal temps are the most accurate. Next, forehead temps are the next most accurate. Also, oral and ear temps also are accurate if done properly. Lastly, temps measured at the armpit are the smallest amount accurate.

What should I look for in a forehead thermometer?

Compared to mercury thermometers, the simplest forehead thermometer will have safety in mind.

They’re made with soft edges that cannot be harmful to babies, FDA approved and with no harmful materials within, and have covered battery casing to make sure your children can’t get inside.

Can I use an infrared thermometer on a person?

There is a neater thanks to getting an accurate temperature from your beloved without causing them any longer discomfort. A digital infrared thermometer is often the solution to your problems.

These digital thermometers don’t require that you simply hold anything in your mouth or under the arm.

Non-contact infrared thermometers could also reduce cross-contamination risk and minimize the danger of spreading disease.

What is normal body temperature with infrared thermometer?

While typically 98.6°F (37.0°C) is taken into account a “normal” temperature, some studies have shown that “normal” blood heat is often within a good range, from 97°F (36.1°C) to 99°F (37.2°C).

How do you trick a head thermometer?

First, make sure the thermometer has direct contact with it. Next, put a humid cloth on a heater. Then, take it off and put it on your forehead.

And, after it’s been on your forehead, rub it on your face (for a sweat look). Also, you might have to wake up early because this can take up to several minutes.


Compared to mercury thermometers, the best forehead thermometer will have safety in mind. They’re made with soft edges that can’t be harmful to babies.

FDA approved, with no harmful materials within, and have covered battery casing to ensure your children can’t get inside.

Rectal temps are the most accurate. Forehead temps are the next most accurate. Oral and ear temps are also accurate if done properly. Temps done in the armpit are the least accurate.