Spin Class Tips for Beginners Using a Spinning Bike

Do you agree everything is going to digital and home based these days, including your workouts? In this regard, the spin bike’s usability has changed drastically to accommodate modern fitness enthusiasts’ present demands. This is because the spin bike replaces the clunky old stationary bike. In fact, the multifaceted indoor spin bike machines offer far better workout options, such as in a spin class, than just pedaling in one place. So, to help you along, spin class tips are provided below.

Spinning has been up as a new activity and usually offers regular attendees plenty of challenges. Spinning also inspires you with a high-energy level vibe with motivating music that you could get by pushing these indoor pedal machines one or more times a week.

So, whatever brought you to the spin class doesn’t matter, but the main thing that you have started the spin class is actually worth the hype. Maybe you are so bored with walking or running. Or, you are interested in taking this fun challenge that burns tons of calories while enjoying the best cardio workouts in a long time.

So, before heading into a spin class, here are some spin class tips for beginners that you can use and then hop onto the bike.

What does Spin Class mean?

A spin class is nothing but your practice session with the spin bike while following the instructor’s directions. You can do this workout either at home or gym, but you have to pedal along on a spin bike following the instructor’s guidance through a proper visualization of an outdoor workout. While exercising, the speed and pace will vary according to the workout flow. And, it may sometimes require break-neck speed or maybe a need to pedal in a standing position for spinning at a slower speed.So, if you are new to spin class, don’t be intimidated. Every expert was a beginner at some point in time. But try to get the instructor’s points as you will find some instructors are fitness junkies while others are regular trainers.

Shoes and Wearables

Shoes are really important for spin class. This is because spinning/cycling shoes have hard soles and have a direct clip for attaching to the pedals. You can also wear regular gym shoes for a bike with separate cage that keeps the foot in the pedal. Both are good and helps to grip your feet to the pedals. Plus, they also allow you to work more effectively with your legs and glutes while preventing unnecessary slipping. Also, wearing cycling shoes are a little safer for spin class and worth the investment.After shoes, pay attention to what  you are wearing. In fact, you must wear a moisture-resistant breathable shirt and tight leggings or shorts for your legs. Always make sure your clothes are sweat-resistant, soft, comfortable, and breathable, so that they won’t distract you during the workouts. Additionally, try to keep a soft towel and a water bottle to re-hydrate yourself when doing an intense workout.

Some Common Spin Class Terms

“Find the right resistance knob”

The first thing to do during your first spin class is to find the right resistance knob with the help of your instructor. Next, your instructor will also assist you in adjusting the handlebars, seat adjustment knob so you get into the right pedaling position for your body. Incidentally, the resistance knob is located below the handlebars and controls pressure against the wheels. For most bikes, if you turn the resistance knob in the clockwise direction, the resistance increases. Meanwhile, if you turn the resistance knob in the counter-clockwise direction, the resistance decreases.

“Get on the flat road”

After that, you must adjust your resistance knob to a particular point where you can ride the bike without pushing too hard on your pedals. This point is called the “Flat road,” This would be the foundation for your entire spin class. Because it does not matter whether you increase or decrease the resistance, but you cannot ride below the “Flat road.”

“Eyes on a monitor display”

The monitor is used as a piece of essential equipment by spin bike lovers. Because it shows all the rider’s performance in a small screen near the handlebars, it will show the time you exercised, the distance you have travelled, heart rate, RPM, speed, and lots more. So, keep a your eyes on the monitor display while you are working out. In the beginning, you can get the instructor’s help to set up, and it may take some time to get used to it. But once you are done, it won’t be a problem.

“Gear up”

Gear up is another way to increase your resistance level. If you have a monitor, you will easily know how many gears you have increased or going to increase for your practice. If you don’t have a monitor, no problem. Your instructor will help you by turning the gear knob.

“Let’s stand”

There is an amazing thing in riding a spin bike: you can stand up or saddle up whenever you feel like it without getting off the bike. To do that, you shift all your weight forward and lift your booty out from the seat to stand up. You can also sit whenever you want. At first, it may be challenging, but you can ride easier in this position by adjusting the resistance.

“Pedal stroke”

Pedal stroke is the action of turning your pedals in a smooth circular motion. Although your goal will be to keep your pedal stroke in one smooth motion throughout the spin class, you can try to run a little up with the instructor’s help. But you should try this, once you get used to the regular stroke.


Intervals are a must, and it’s an important part of spinning. Most of all, intervals are made up of segments. For example, a 10 minute segment where you ride hard combined with a 2 minute segment where you ride slow. And, repeat this sequence for the duration of the workout. In this way, you can push your body to do more workouts to reach the next levels. But follow the instructors for doing the intervals.

So, these are all the tips for starting your first spinning class. I hope you enjoy it and become confident in completing your spin class on day 1.