Top 3 Essential Oils for Soothing Nerve Pain

The use of essential oils is beneficial to help soothe the mind and the body. Essential oils are widely known for their curative properties- from helping to relieve pain, headaches, and migraines to reducing depression and anxiety, improve sleep, reduced inflammation, boosting your immunity, and soothing nerve pain.

When you need a boost, scent your space with a fresh aroma of essential oils for energy to increase your energy level. Essential oils function well with aromatherapy and topical application. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy to recover the health of the body, mind, and soul. It improves both physical and emotional health. Every so often, it’s also called essential oil therapy.

Essential oils are beneficial to cure peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy affects more than 50 million people worldwide. When symptoms get awful or worse, and pain is unbearable despite medical cure, many go for substitute solutions. Essentials oils for neuropathy have become tremendously popular recently. An effective way to find relief from peripheral neuropathy is with essential oils for nerve pain. The most recommended use is to massage the affected areas with 2-3% essential oils diluted into a carrier oil.

Here are enlisted top three essential oils for soothing nerve pain.


Peppermint essential oil is extracted from the leaves, stems, and flowers of the peppermint plant and is beneficial for several health purposes. First, peppermint oil has a refreshing and cool odor. Second, peppermint essential oils are widely known for their anti-inflammatory effect, anti-spasmodic capabilities. Also, peppermint essential oils have a relaxing effect on muscles that labeled it among the popular essential oils for nerve pain. Indeed, research shows that peppermint oil is beneficial for relieving indigestion, plus irritable bowel syndrome.

Peppermint essential oil can be beneficial for those dealing with peripheral neuropathy. Peppermint oil is effective to soothe some of the nerve pain and lessen your dependence on heavy medication. Research shows that topically applied peppermint oil can be more productive at treating neuropathy pain.

Peppermint essential oil is helpful for:

Avoid headaches and migraines.
Soothing nerve pain
Relieve muscle pains
Help joint pain

Like other essential oils, peppermint essential oil should not be taken orally and diluted with a carrier oil before applying topical application.

Roman chamomile:

The essential oil, roman chamomile, has some influential anti-inflammatory capabilities. A 2014 study from a trusted source suggested that Roman chamomile is to be helpful in inflammation disorders. This essential oil penetrates deep down into the layer of your skin, where its potent anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties reduce and soothe the pain.

Long-term inflammation and nerve decay are closely associated with each other. Chronic inflammation can lead to nerve damage as well as nerve damage can lead to chronic inflammation. So, whatever you can use to combat the harmful impacts of chronic inflammation will lead you towards helping you relieve your damaged nervous system.

The chamomile has the healing property of reducing oxidative stress. Anti-oxidative properties help decrease inflammation, and the effective fall in inflammation often benefits in relaxing muscle aches, discomfort, and other pains that can come with the initial stages of nerve damage.

Treating nerve pain using Chamomile essential oil is widely recommended. Roman chamomile is beneficial for relieving pain from nerve disorders because of its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-spasmodic properties.


Lavender is the most popular and beneficial essential oil used in aromatherapy. It can act as an effective source of pain relief and helpful in treating anxiety, depression, nausea, and insomnia. According to the 2015 study from a trusted source, Lavender essential oil can be an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory. According to The Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicines, Lavender is an effective treatment for many neurological disorders.

Lavender essential oil is very effective and widely used in aromatherapy on peripheral nerve pain.

The Anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties of lavender essential oil make it a worthwhile and natural pain reliever. And it’s soothing qualities make it beneficial for improving sleep issues. As an anti-inflammatory oil, it helps reduce anxiety and stress caused by neuropathy.

Another 2012 study from a trusted source tried lavender essential oil’s capability to relieve pain in people suffering from migraines. According to the consequences, inhaling the aroma of lavender helped decrease the severity of migraine headache symptoms.

soothing nerve pain

Final note!

Essential oils have numerous healing properties and effective for soothing nerve pain and reducing anxiety and stress. It can help you seek relief the natural way — they’re scented, relaxing, and relieving, and they have a great history of beneficial health use.

Essential oils can be an effective means to combat the effects of nerve damage.