Seated Cross Trainer FAQ

Contains seated cross trainer FAQ or frequently asked questions. Use the FAQs along with seated cross trainer buyers guide to compare seated cross trainers to find the best one.

Question. Who are the recumbent cross trainers good for?

Answer. First and foremost, a recumbent cross trainer for seniors and others lets you get a workout while seated. So, if you have back problems or find it inconvenient to mount a bike, or use a treadmill, a recumbent cross trainer is good for you. Also, these recumbent cross trainers are good for anyone with disabilities, mobility problems, health issues, those in rehab, the elderly, and others who like the idea of getting a workout while sitting. In fact, these cross trainers are easier on your joints like ankles, knees, hips, and back than other forms of cardio workouts.

Question. What are recumbent cross trainers good for?

Answer. Now, recumbent cross trainers are good for getting cardio, exercising your muscles, and staying fit. Most of all, you can use these machines to exercise your leg muscles like the calves, thighs and others. Moreover, you can also use these cross trainers for exercising your arms, shoulders, and the upper body. Furthermore, you can use these machines for exercising your legs alone, your arms alone, or both legs and arms at the same time. Meanwhile, getting a cardio workout, that these machines offer, helps your cardiovascular system. And, by using the resistance knob to turn up the intensity you can burn some real calories, fat, and lose weight as part of an overall fitness goal.

On the other hand, these trainers are good for someone to get a lower body, upper body, or full body workout while reading a book, watching a favorite show on television, or talking on your cell phone.

Question. How long should you use the recumbent cross trainer?

Answer. Now, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends 30 minutes of cardio workout five days a week. So, if you have a recumbent cross trainer at home, set up a consistent time to use it five days a week. If you can’t complete the 30 minutes, then start with a time period that you can and then gradually increase the duration over days and weeks to reach the 30 minutes duration.

Question. How to make a recumbent cross trainer workout interesting?

Answer. There is no question you need to get entertained while you work out on a recumbent cross trainer. Without such a distraction, it will be hard to continue working out with the recumbent cross trainer. And one of the easiest solution to this problem is to add a TV so that you will get entertained as you work out. Moreover, you can do two tasks concurrently. One is to get a workout. And the other is to get entertained by tuning into your favorite channel.

Finally, keep track of your workouts. For example, jot down the date, the length of time on the machine, workout intensity, and other interesting data provided by the console. Hopefully, as you progress, your workouts get more intense, and you may see progress in your stamina, weight, and other relevant metrics.

Question. What’s the difference between rear and front driven cross trainers?

Answer. First, rear driven cross trainers have the flywheel in the back. As a result, your feet move in an elliptical manner mimicking natural running or walking. Also, rear driven cross trainers generate smoother motion.
On the other hand, front driven cross trainers have the flywheel in the front. As a result, your feet move in a circular motion. Also, the stride feels like you are climbing steps. Furthermore, these cross trainers often take up less space than rear driven cross trainers.