Seated Cross Trainer Buyers Guide

Contains seated cross trainer buyers guide. Use this seated cross trainer buyers guide with seated cross trainer FAQ for comparing seated cross trainers to find the best.

Body Weight

First, one of the things to consider, when selecting seated cross trainers, is ensuring the maximum weight it can support works for you.


Second, look at the console features. Most machines provide basic features like estimated calories burned, revolutions per minute, distance covered, time spent, heart rate, speakers, mobile connectivity, and others. Also, some provide a media shelf for your mobile, tablet, and others. In addition, some also have a place holder for your water bottle.

Heart Rate Monitor

Third, if monitoring your heart rate is important to you, look for a cross trainer that provides this feature. Incidentally, monitoring your heart rate is a good way to visualize the effort your body is putting into the workout. Also, its a good way to ensure you are putting in the right amount of effort.

Impact on the Body

Fourth, look at parts of your body that the machine exercises. In particular, does the machine exercise one or more of the following: legs, arms, shoulders, biceps, triceps, glutes, quads, hamstrings, chest, or back.

Also, does the machine puts stress on joints, knees, and back. Or, is it gentle on the ankles, knees, hips, and back.


Fifth, the seat is one of the most important part of a recumbent exercising machine, especially because you will be using it as you workout. So, its important that the seat offers you comfort. For example, the seat should be sufficiently padded to provide comfort. Or, you may be more comfortable with extra cushion in the seat. Furthermore, you may prefer a wider seat.

Also, you should be able to adjust the height of the seat so you can comfortably use the trainer. In addition, it's important for you to be able to move the seat closer or further away from the console and handlebars. Furthermore, it may be necessary for you to be able to recline the seat.

Now, in some instances, a backrest may provide more comfort.

Use Methods

Sixth, some cross trainers only allow you to sit. On the other hand, other cross trainers can be used either while sitting or while standing. Now, if you prefer to get your workout while sitting only, then, those machines which only have the sitting option work best for you. However, workouts done only while sitting require you to spend more time working out, if you are targeting a certain calories burned number. Yet, some people need to sit down, by necessity. For example, some elders, seniors, and others with medical conditions or in rehab fall in this category.

Meanwhile, those who want to work out while sitting or standing will have to consider machines which can be used either while sitting or while standing. By the way, when compared to machines that have only the sitting option, machines used while standing will help you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.


Next, a warranty helps you with peace of mind once you’ve invested in the recumbent cross trainer. In fact, in general, warranties cover the frame, parts, and labor. Also, the longer the warranty, the more confidence you can have on the recumbent cross trainer.

Who Else does the Machine Help

Also, who else does the machine help. For example, if you have arthritis, Parkinson’s, or MS, does the machine help you.

Workout Variety

Finally, something to consider is the variety of workouts available with the cross trainer. For example, possible workouts include upper body workouts, lower body workouts, and full body workouts. Also, other possible workouts include exercising different muscles in the arms such as your biceps or triceps. In addition, you may want to separately exercise muscles in your legs, chest, or back.

And, don't forget to look at the number of training programs being offered. Lastly, you may be interested in using the cross trainer as upright bike, elliptical trainer, or recumbent bike.