Rejuvenate and Enhance Your Fitness with Outdoor Fitness Group

A lot of changes have taken place in 2020 with the corona pandemic locking us indoors. Similarly, a lot of changes have occurred in the fitness industry too. For the past few months, gyms in Newcastle NSW and across the globe have come up with new concepts, rather safer options, to serve their clients. They have started outdoor fitness group to help their members keep their training going.

You can discover Newcastle outdoor fitness gyms that help you cherish your training, whilst also enjoying the comradery of training as part of a group.

Let us have a look at the benefits of outdoor fitness sessions .

Engage in fitness session outdoors when gyms are closed 

When gyms are closed during the pandemic, working out consistently can be difficult. You could engage in some kind of stretching class to stay fit and maintain your mental well-being.

The fitness trend has changed and Newcastle gyms NSW introduced an outdoor exercise routine. Working out outdoors helps you to continue to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

With outdoor sessions on offer, you get to the benefit of training with others, under the guidance of a personal trainer, all whilst in the lovely outdoors! The goal is to offer attractive, pleasant, functional outdoor training for people of all ages and ability levels. So what are the benefits of outdoor group training?

  • You get access to fun, variable group fitness session,
  • Simple exercises made to match different fitness levels,
  • Helps enhance socialization,
  • Access to equipment to enhance your workouts,
  • Relieves stress,
  • Helps enhance mental health,
  • You can breathe In the lovely clean outdoor air,
  • It’s affordable.

When you enroll for an outdoor gym membership Newcastle, you get to access to a program that provides a fun, safe, effective program that provides a lot of variety and endless support.

We all understand the fact that fitness activities are an integral part of our life. To enjoy a healthy life we need to exercise regularly to combat health issues.

Engaging in regular exercise outdoors comes with a lot of health benefits. You get enough sunlight which is a rich source of Vitamin D keeping your teeth and bones strong.

You breathe in the fresh air outdoors which offers overall health and happiness. A lot of people prefer outdoor workouts rather than an indoor gym.

Outdoor fitness group can be a well-structured fitness program that helps you to get in shape.

Outdoor fitness gyms offer excellent outdoor fitness solutions and equipment to help people stay active and reduce health risks related to obesity.

CoreFit Newcastle outdoor gym can help you attain your fitness goals and get similar effects to indoor gyms. You can engage in effective workouts that help lose weight and stay fit. You would certainly experience an enhanced energy level while working out.

Certainly, you can engage in different outdoor activities that add fun and keep you fit. It is always fun while you exercise outdoors.

How does small group personal training offer health benefits and your desired workout results?

Small group personal training can be defined as a fitness program that is limited to 8 people per session. It’s a program where your training can be more personalized to meet your fitness goals. You’ll get trained by a certified personal trainer and get more personal attention than you would get in most boot camps or large group personal training.

Training in small groups is gaining a lot of popularity these days as it turns out to be an affordable and fun way to attain fitness goals.

Let us look at how small group personal training would help you gain health benefits as well as to attain desired workout results.

Expand your social circle

If you are planning to hit a bigger gym setting, it can feel a little more intimidating and not as easy to develop your own social circle. Whereas, when you are training in small groups, you get to interact more with others in the group, and it becomes easier to make friends during your workout sessions. Working out with friends becomes fun and often keeps you more accountable.

Fitness training motivates you to stay accountable

Getting motivated to work out on your own is not easy. You need someone around you to get motivated and keep you accountable? It is always better to engage in group fitness training Newcastle to have someone to challenge you to compete. In small groups, with the support of your trainer and other members, the motivation levels often remain high and accountability keeps you going.

Personal attention helps you to enhance fitness levels faster

Being a member of large group fitness Newcastle, you may not get the personal attention you need. The personal trainer may just send out some common instructions to be followed by everyone in the group.

On the other hand, small groups comprise of a maximum of 8 members, and you receive more personalized attention from the fitness coach. It helps you to see your desired improvements faster.

45 minute sessions

Working out in a gym for 3 hours is quite boring, isn’t it? It may sound scary for you, especially during the initial days of joining the gym. When it comes to small group fitness training, you just need to commit 45 minutes to your session, which is much more achievable.

With a flexible timetable, our small group times will match up with your schedule as well.

Attain Personalized Goals

When you have no idea about what you are capable of achieving, it becomes difficult to set achievable fitness goals. In large group training, it becomes difficult to set fitness goals and even more difficult to attain certain goals. But, training in small groups allows you to discuss your fitness goals with the personal trainer and ensure that they are realistic and attainable.

Also, small group fitness sessions with CoreFit Newcastle hold you accountable to your fitness goals, which motivates you to achieve them. You also get tips around how to best attain your fitness goals. Getting encouraged by a personal trainer constantly gives you the confidence and sets you on the right path to achieve your fitness goals. It gives you the support an attention required to achieve them.