Punching Bag Workouts for Beginners

A punching bag is widely used across the planet, as this equipment has been helping many champion athletes win inside the ring. It is a part and parcel tool of any conventional gym. A punching bag is also known as Heavy Bag.


While doing a punching bag workout, you can practice a variety of kicks and punches. There are other benefits of it as well that many people are unaware of, especially the beginners.

Here, I will share some of the advantages and workout techniques from my personal experience for beginners. Some beneficial training tips will follow these in the end. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Advantages of Punching Bag Workouts

Without any functional benefits, nobody will tend to do such distinct workouts anyway. However, by doing punching bag exercises, you can lose your body fat dramatically. Additionally, workout with heavy bags will enhance your boxing skills.

Some fundamental changes you will feel while doing workouts with punching bags after some frequent sessions. For instance,

  • Self-confidence will boost up
  • Better control of breathing
  • Enhanced flexibility and stamina
  • Core energy will flourish along with the flow
  • Endurance, mobility, and speed will increase
  • The body will get a proper shape
  • Stress and anxiety release

Right underneath, I will share some most advisable workouts for beginners. Give these a shot in the gym.

1. Do the Uppercut

Nothing can be more deadly than a stiff uppercut right into the chin of your opponent. An uppercut, movement punch comes upward. If you are right-handed, then shift your weight to the right side, hold your breath to gain maximum strength, and deliver the blow.

2. Keep Proper Boxing Stance

The stance is all about the perfect balance of your body. That balance determines the ability to attack and allows to guard the body with defensive techniques. If you are a boxer, then it would be devastating to lose balance while throwing a punch. And, here comes BOXING STANCE to save you from this.

3. Practice the Jab

There are many sports in martial arts that use a striking method that is recognizable as a jab though there are numerous variations. But the underlying theme is you need to throw a strong punch with the full extended arm in a real quick manner. Nevertheless, jab is a defensive tool as well one that causes the opponent to go off balance.

4. Throw a Cross

Cross is a punch that can be thrown by the dominant hand. Unlike the jab, a cross is usually a more delayed move yet stalwart. You can practice cross with the punching bag as a beginner to strengthen your upper body. Cross is also famous in the name of Straight.

5. Hook It

There are some variations available on the hook as well. The hook is one of the most damaging punching techniques in some sports. In the real world, Lead Hook is arguably the most robust one. A hook can be performed by a swinging arm that’s bent at a 90-degree angle. A hook shot in the jaw can be a nightmare for the opponent.

6. Use Combinations

Working out with the punching bag means it is a learning challenge for you, as this will not give you any feedback. Use combinations which can become active drill for you.

So, stand in front of the punching bag and do a Jab, Cross, Hook. Repeat these in a sequence.

7. Punch with Dominant and Non-Dominant Side

Practice punches like a cross with either side of the body. Here the primary purpose lies within the technique of transferring the body weight. Every punch determines your endurance level and the capability to swing the body. Ensure every time you are delivering your best shot.

8. Side-kick Combos

Side-kick is the way of making your legs even more robust. Strike with your foot on the punching bag. Make sure your knee and hip are hitting the bag’s spot with extended motion whenever the contact is made. Afterward, recoil your leg promptly back to the starting position.

9. Drills for the Footwork

Our legs possess the maximum core energy of the body. Footwork drills are similar to endurance drills. As a beginner, getting better at footwork might feel hard at first. Try to keep moving around the bag while punching it for the whole three minutes. Repeat the process thrice after a one-minute break between each.

10. Accuracy Matters

You can throw hooks and crosses all day long. However, without achieving accuracy, these practice sessions will be in vain. Try to launch every punch on the right spot. To ensure that, you can use duct tape or any color of paint on the punching bag to set up the target.

Some Tips to Nail the Training

  • Stretching

Some people often take it less seriously when this might give you some best moments during a practice period. Do some stretching before the actual training. That five to ten minutes round will make your body ready for the intense drills.

  • Breath to generate power

It may sound quite obvious to read this, yet its most essential among all. There is no way you can escape from the reality that through proper breathing, you will get adequate oxygen supply into every cell and muscle tissue in your body. So, it is imperative to have appropriate inhaling and exhaling motions.

  • Hydrate

Drink sufficient water while training. Our bodies sweat too much during the practice. Every session with a punching bag can squeeze a significant amount of water out of your body in the disguise of sweat. So, keep your body hydrated all the time to prolong the time in the gym.

  • Acquire proper training knowledge

Find opportunities to gain specialized experiences. Many people spend their time enhancing speed, but the appropriate technique can take you a lot further than this. As a beginner, try to gather as much knowledge as possible. And adhere to the habit to accomplish the goal.

  • Take adequate interval

It may seem to the naked eye you are only hitting the punching bag. But practically, you are burning a ton of calories. Your body is going through intense pressure. That is why taking sufficient breaks and giving body recovery time is mandatory.


No matter if you are that person trying to be fit or a professional athlete, punching bag workouts is always an absolute treat. Along with reducing stress, it helps to increase cardiovascular stamina. Surely, with this article, you will be able to get the best version of yourself by doing decent training with a punching bag.