Protein Powders: Buy the Type Your Body Needs

The human body is aided by protein or protein powders to grow and maintain itself. Proteins consist of chains of twenty-two different kinds of amino acids in varying combinations to deliver a myriad of functions such as growth, maintenance, acts as a messenger, facilitates chemical reactions, etc.

The demand for proteins may vary according to what one does with the body. For example, if you are a strength athlete, you may want to increase your protein intake for building up muscles and body in general. But if you are an endurance athlete, you may intake protein-rich food but not as much when compared to a strength athlete. Mostly, athletes buy protein powders. Ordinary people too can consume them, but according to the lifestyle, one follows.

The available protein sources are animal or plant-based food items, such as eggs, peas, dairy, etc. These are available at health stores and online platforms. So before buying, going through the contents of the product will help the buyers choose a suitable one. Some may be allergic to certain ingredients.

Protein powders are abundant out there; a few of them are described below.

1. Whey Protein

Whey protein is extracted from milk, the same liquid left out when the milk gets curdled. In that case, it has lactose content along with a high protein gradient. Consumers who want to reduce their weight prefer these.

2. Beef Protein Powder

As the name suggests, this protein powder is made of beef, but its powder contains less cholesterol and fat than the raw material itself.

3. Chickpea Protein Powder

Chickpea protein powder is a plant-based supplement that helps to regulate high blood pressure when eaten. When consumed, it promotes diet fullness and increases muscle growth, similar to animal-based protein products.

4. Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein powder is a plant-based product linked to Marijuana, but it contains very few of the source plant's psychic activators. It can be digested without any hassles.

5. Brown Rice Protein Powder

This protein powder is very popular as it has been there for ages. But, when compared to whey proteins, they are a bit less in promoting muscle build-up.

6. Mixed Plant Protein Powder

To optimize the protein's function, plant-based products are mixed like they contain brown rice powder, pea powder, Hemp powder, Flax seeds, Alfalfa, etc.

7. Egg Protein Powder

Egg is a fulfilling protein food item. It helps reduce appetite (especially its yolk) and nourishes the body with a high protein content that is easy to digest. It completes the need for the nine most essential amino acids in the body. Consumers with dairy allergies can opt for egg white. The powder is made of egg whites.

8. Casein Protein Powder

Casein is the protein extracted from milk but gets digested comparatively slowly. In the stomach, it forms a paste that slows down its absorption into the bloodstream. This does not deter the protein consumers from consuming as it keeps them full for long.


While choosing a particular protein powder, it becomes necessary to weigh your options depending on your needs, body response to the ingredients, lifestyle, etc. Be sure to buy protein powder, according to your need. For individuals who cannot fulfill their protein needs by food intake alone, protein powder is handy. The protein acts as a supplement in that case and meets the physical requirements.