Prime Vacation Destinations with Healthy Food Options

The city's location is strategic, warming art and deco that adds a beautiful flair to the fun. For those considering their first vacation or event, here's where you want to be. There's no doubt that there are several top vacation destinations in the World. Year in, year out, they crawl with celebrities, big names, and events. The numerous luxurious locations and captivating layout continue to catch the attention of thousands of visitors. As a result of the many events that occur, making bookings ahead of time is always ideal.

Whether it’s vacation destinations or corporate business events, comfort and food are on top of your list. That is apart from navigation through a new city. When people travel away from their comfort, they want to explore as much of the new location as possible. Thus, they eat delicious delicacies, sleep in the best luxury mansions, see many unforgettable spots, and take loads of photographs. All of this is great; after all, it makes their vacation more memorable.

Feeding is big for vacationers because some individuals take their diets seriously. For this reason, healthy dining and menus are popular in a bid to meet dietary needs specifically. Gaining some pounds is not uncommon amongst vacationers. Between eating all that comes their way, soaking up some sun, and fun time on the beach, it is not hard to figure out their weight gain. Vacationing is a way to indulge yourself a little, so eating healthy at that time may often pose a challenge. Whether you have an affinity for sweet things or not, the best approach towards eating while on vacation is picking destinations that naturally provides healthy foods. Here, you're missing out on nothing but opening up the chances of getting the right nutrients and exploring new cuisines.


The first and most attractive feature of foods in Thailand is the burst of colors and diversity. Aside from providing loads of side attractions, most traditional dishes are made from fresh ingredients only. Furthermore, the use of exotic spices is not left out. You have the sour, sweet, salty, and chilly flavors mixed for maximum effects.

Thai food will often appear simple and organized. This simplicity is a depiction of the nutrient richness of each ingredient, especially vegetables. Usually, the common foods are greens, noodles, rice, and beans. However, they are accompanied by the right proteins, including fish, chicken, and others.

Generally, cooking is done via stir-frying- a method known to retain your nutrients better than deep frying. Besides helping retain a healthy regimen, you also spend less and get as many nutrients as your body requires.


The popular opinion is that food in Mexico is too fried and unhealthy. Of course, there's the fatty Mexican food. A range of American-inspired dishes with an emphasis on oily servings and a host of other ingredients you may not want. On the other hand, there's the traditional dish with colorful variants, freshly made.

The widely known corn tacos find its origin from Mexico alongside other foods like nopales (cactus), avocado, etc. Corn is accepted as whole grain and is more natural than refined flour. Rather than focus on oily foods, you could consider Pozole, made with pork or chicken and fresh ingredients like radishes, cilantro, and lime. You will also enjoy the Tacos stuffed with fresh veggies, seafood, meat, and salsa.


Whether you're on floating boats or exploring the hipster cafes in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has plenty of food. Vietnamese food probably has the most amazing combinations on this list. The flavor is in the technique. Most foods here are made with water instead of steaming, frying, or boiling. It isn't easy to see frying as a primary method of cooking in Vietnam. As a result, broths are common and ubiquitous.

If you're a first-time Vietnam explorer, you may want to look out for words like; Hap -steamed,

Nuong -Grilled, Rang-Roasted, Luoc-Boiled, Stir-fried Xao, and Fried -Chien.

With a touch of influence from Thailand and China, Vietnamese food has plenty of ingredients to mix. That's why food is hardly cooked singularly. The attention is more on flavors, so spices are used a lot - mint, chile, fresh lime, Thai basil, etc. you may catch yourself craving snacks so that you could opt for fresh spring rolls stuffed with green veggies. There's also a range of steamed rolls low in calories.


From poke bowls to Acai bowls, Hawaii is quite popular for the ultimate pleasure it brings to your general well being as a vacationer. Hawaii, like Miami, is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the USA. First, the location carries a special kind of signature and is in a league of its own. Furthermore, it's islands are surrounded by local water men and diverse kinds of seafood. In addition to the peace and comfort you will enjoy, you get to practice yoga on the beach while rounding off your day with tasty Hawaiian delicacies and even a Lomilomi massage. Another thing to look for is fresh fruits and smoothies.


History is definitely on the side of this location as it has been a getaway location for centuries. Japan's cuisine is rich in seafood and vegetables, so much that there are reports of low chronic disease rates there. Another side is the healthy preparation of mouth-watering dishes with methods like light steam and quick stir fry, not to mention raw foods and uncooked sea veggies.


Some other mention-worthy destination options include Korean, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Indian as well as French. Foods from different regions vary, but the savor and items make the difference. The interesting aspect is that these dishes can be obtained anywhere in the world. Therefore, if you plan to go vacationing in hot spots like Miami, Paris, etc., you are sure of access to any healthy cuisine of your choice. Remember that you can have all things accommodation taken care of before your arrival. Healthy eating is achievable while on vacation; you only need to make the right choices.

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