Pressure Cooker FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Pressure cooker FAQ or frequently asked questions gives insight into pressure cookers  or stainless steel pressure cookers reviewed elsewhere on this site. Also, use with pressure cooker buyers guide as you go through comparison of pressure cookers or comparison of stainless steel pressure cookers to find best.

Pressure Cooker FAQ

Q: What are the benefits of a pressure cooker?

A: Firstly, a pressure cooker cooks food extremely quickly. For example, a large chunk of one pound meat can be cooked in 20 minutes at high pressure. Secondly, you save time on cleaning. Thirdly, foods retain most of their nutrients. Also, foods are tastier. Lastly, you save energy.

Q: How long does it take to cook food in a pressure cooker?

A: In general, cooking with a pressure cooker takes about a third of the time it would take on a stovetop or oven. More examples of typical times for cooking with a pressure cooker give a better idea on how much time you save.

Q: What kinds of pressure cookers are there?

A: There are two kinds of pressure cookers: Stove top and electric.

Q: What is a stovetop pressure cooker?

A: Now, a stovetop pressure cooker gets its heat from the gas or electric stove. Meanwhile, you turn down the heat after the pressure cooker reaches the desired pressure.

Q: What is an electric pressure cooker?

A: As the name implies, an electric pressure cooker is connected to the typical AC power socket. Incidentally, these pressure cookers are slower than stovetop pressure cookers. In fact, it can take three times as long to reach the desired pressure when compared with a stovetop pressure cooker. However, electric pressure cookers are easier to operate.

Q: What can the pressure cooker be used for?

A: Today’s crop of pressure cookers can be used for pressure cooking, slow cooking, cooking rice, steam cooking, steaming zucchini and veggies, sauteing, searing, simmering, making yogurt, making soup, making broth, making porridge, braising beef, cooking meat or poultry, cooking eggs, baking cake, stewing beans, making chili, roasting, sterilizing, warming, air frying, pasteurizing, and defrosting frozen meat.

Q: What sizes do pressure cooker come in?

A: Pressure cookers come in various sizes, ranging from 3 to 10 quarts.

Q: How do you choose a pressure cooker size?

A: First, for a family of two, or if you just want to cook rice or vegetables, a 3-quarts pressure cooker is perfect. Second, for a family of three to six, a 6-quarts pressure cooker is ideal. Third, for even larger families or you frequently cook for large get-togethers, an 8-quarts pressure cooker is best. Finally, if you have a family of 12, the 10-quarts pressure cooker gives you the biggest cooking capacity.

Q: Are pressure cookers safe?

A: Today’s pressure cookers come with a variety of safety features, such as having multiple routes for the steam to escape should one valve gets clogged. Also, it is best practice to follow safety maintenance recommended by the pressure cooker’s manufacturer.