Personal Blender FAQ

Personal blender FAQ or frequently asked questions gives insight into personal blenders reviewed elsewhere on this site. Use the FAQ below along with personal blender buyers guide to find the best one for you.

Q. What is a personal blender?

A. A personal blender is a single serve blender that can blend most things a full sized blender can blend.

Q. Can a personal blender crush ice?

A. A personal blender can crush ice. However, it can only crush a few cubes. If you put too many cubes, the crushed ice interferes with the blades.

Q. Can a personal blender be used for making smoothies?

A. A personal blender can be used for making smoothies.

Q. What are some things a personal blender can blend?

A. Besides making smoothies, a personal blender can be used for making chunky salsas, creamy salad dressings, baby foods, and more.

Q. Do personal blenders come with a travel cup?

A. Many personal blenders have blender cups that double as travel mugs, so you can take your fresh smoothie to go.

Q. Does a personal blender need to be close to a power outlet?

A. A battery operated personal blender gives you the freedom to use it where there is no convenient power outlet. This makes it possible to take the whole blender wherever you go. Consequently, cordless blenders are ideal for traveling, day trips, take to the office or gym. Also, many cordless blenders are USB rechargeable, which makes keeping the blender charged up easy. Incidentally, a single charge can power several blends.

Q. How much power does a personal blender have?

A. Personal blenders range from 200 watts to even as high as 1,000 watts. Incidentally, the more powerful the blender, the easier it can crush ice and blend solids foods.

Q. Can personal blenders survive a drop?

A. Some personal blenders will break if they are accidentally dropped. However, some are built to survive the drop. So, if this is a concern look for those who can survive an accidental drop.