Personal Blender Buyers Guide

Personal blender buyers guide provides insight into personal blenders reviewed elsewhere on this site. Use the buyers guide below along with personal blender frequently asked questions to find the best one for you.


First, some personal blenders come with only one cup while others have two cups. For a personal blender, one cup is sufficient. However, if there are two of you, having two cups makes it so much easier. Or, you may want to take two cups with you on the go.


Second, look for a personal blender that is made from BPA-free material and can be cleaned in a dishwasher.


Third, power of the personal blender is significant because the greater the power, the ease with which the blender can cut through foods (especially frozen foods) and ice. Therefore, look for a personal blender rated at 300 to 900 watts.


Fourth, a personal blender with a small footprint can fit in a kitchen cabinet or the kitchen countertop.

Unique Features

Next, look for unique features, such as a:

Personal blender that come with a book of recipes to make nutritious drinks. 

Battery operated personal blender that you can take with you on a walk or used in your back yard to make a drink.

Blender capable of making a drink in only 10 seconds.

Blender that not only blends and mixes, but also grinds, crushes ice, chops, and whips up baby food.


Finally, a warranty is always a good thing to have. Having one, gives you a piece of mind that if the blender had some manufacturing defect, at least you can get a replacement, instead of having to throw it away and lose your investment. So, look for a personal blender with at least a 1-year warranty.