Peloton or MYX Spin Bike - What's The Best?

Are you looking to buy the best spin bike at less price? And, are you caught between the Peloton or MYX spin bike? If you are, then you are in the right place. Now, Peloton is the elite spin bike that's been a market leader for some time. On the other hand, the MYX spin bike is a new addition to the market. But, for many, it has become a difficult choice. In this article, I am going to discuss every feature and benefit of each of these spin bikes. And I will tell you which one of Peloton or MYX is perfect for you.

Health benefit of spin cycling 

Most of all, a spin bike is a great exercising machine. In fact, the spin bike helps in many ways and has great health benefits.

First, a spin bike is excellent for burning calories. Also, besides burning calories, it helps increase your cycling performance and helps you lose weight. Furthermore, a spin bike is a great way to get a cardio workout. In fact, when it comes to heart health, nothing can be better than a spinning workout. Incidentally, the spin bike helps improve heart health, lower heart rate, and increase heart pumping capacity. Also, spinning helps stabilize your heart rate in stressful or anxiety provoking situations.

Second, depending on what you want, the spin bike can give you a workout ranging from a low-intensity workout to a high-intensity workout.

Third, the smooth movements of spin cycling strengthen joints and bones. Thus, it is an effective workout option for people with injuries.

Fourth, spinning helps to strengthen lower body muscles and legs. Incidentally, if you really want to strengthen your legs increase the resistance setting on the bike.

Fifth, the chances of injuries with the spin bike are low. Also, the spin bike gives you a low-impact workout. Therefore, getting injures from spinning are low compared to other workouts like running on a treadmill.

Sixth, the spin bike significantly helps reduce stress. In fact, ,just sit on the bike and spin for 30 to 40 minutes to get relief from stressful situations.

Lastly, the spin bike is probably the best way to increase endurance. However, you can't  increase endurance just by few sessions on the spin bike. In fact, to increase endurance, work out with the spin bike regularly.

Head-to-head comparison 

This section contains a comparison of MYX and Peloton bikes.

First, MYX or Peloton bikes are similar in design. However, the MYX bike is more flexible than the Peloton bike. For example, the MYX bike's adjustable handlebars make it more comfortable to use.

Second, both bikes have the same screen size. However, the MYX bike’s screen rotates. On the other hand, Peloton’s basic version doesn’t have this capability. However, the Peloton's plus version comes with a screen that rotates. But, its more expensive than the basic version.

Third, the MYX bike uses friction resistance. On the other hand, a Peloton bike uses the recommended magnetic resistance. Moreover, you won’t experience any difference, between the two, unless you use the bikes standing on the pedals i.e. without sitting in the seat. Also, if you are a recreational or beginner, then it won’t make any difference to you.

Fourth, the Peloton bike offers live classes, but MYX bike doesn’t offer any live classes right now. However, they have plans for live classes in the near future.

Fifth, because MYX is focused on competing on a personal level, it doesn’t offer options to compete with others. On the other hand, Peloton offers competition with other members through the leaderboard.

Finally, a Peloton bike doesn’t allow a choice between the instructor and music independently. On the other hand, a MYX bike, lets you choose between the instructor and music. Consequently, if you love to listen to music while riding, then this is a big deal for you. 

MYX bike complete insight 

Design and build quality 

First, this bike is built with durable material that feels premium from its looks. Also, it is a compact and quiet bike.

Second, from a design perspective, it is very simple. For example, it features a moveable handlebar which you can adjust according to your needs.

Third, a touch screen display is mounted over the handlebar. Also, the screen rotates a full 360 degrees and tilts up and down. This means you can position the display according to your comfort. So, when you’re out of the bike and exercising on the floor, you can rotate the screen so you face the screen.

Fourth, the bike weighs only 150 pounds with the display and 130 pounds without the display.

Finally, this bike is recommended for people with a height of  4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 8 inches.


The bike has the following features

MYX spin bike
  • First, it is a beautiful bike and comes in two colors: gray or white.
  • Second, it comes with a 21.5 inches touch screen full HD display. 
  • Third, the pedals come with toe cages and SPF clips.
  • Fourth, the touch screen rotates 360-degrees.
  • Also, it has the option to hold two water bottles.
  • In addition, it can be used by anyone weighing up to 350 lbs.
  • Furthermore, you can select between the instructor and music.
  • Next, the workout lessons cover a wide range of workout videos beside cycling.
  • Also, it features a heart rate monitoring system.
  • Finally, it is easy to maneuver as it is compact and lightweight.

With the plus package, the MYX bike comes with the following features.

First, it comes with six weight sets, a kettlebell, bike stabilizing mat, exercising mat, resistance band, and foam roller.

Also, you have options to choose different weight sizes such as light, medium, and heavy.

In addition, the size of the stabilizing mat is 24 by 48 inches, and the exercising mat is 48 by 72 inches.

Meanwhile, the light kits consist of 3-, 6-, and 9-pound dumbbells and 15-pound kettlebell, the medium kits come with 6-, 9-, and 12 pounds dumbbells and 20 pounds kettlebell, and heavy kits comprise 9-, 12-, and 15 pounds dumbbells and 25 pounds kettlebell.  

Finally, all of the weights are covered with rubber coating, which makes it easy to hold and looks nice on the mat.


MYXfitness offers two price options; the first one is basic, and the other the plus. The basic version only has one heart rate monitor. And, if you don’t have weights, you should go with the plus version. In fact, the plus version includes weight sets and mats. Also, besides buying the bike, you need to buy the fitness class membership, which has a monthly subscription cost.

Peloton bike complete insights 


First, the Peloton bike is a compact and simple bike. Also, it is made from of high strength steel, which makes it durable. In addition, the build quality is great. Furthermore, the Peloton is close to being completely quiet.

Second, it comes in black and red color. Also, both handlebars and the seat are adjustable. In fact, you can adjust both according to your comfort.

Third, the touch screen display is above the handlebars. Also, the screen rotates 180-degree. However, the screen in the basic model doesn’t move side by side.

Fourth, under the handlebar, there are places for holding two water bottles.

Fifth, there is an orange color knob to manually control the resistance.

Sixth, the transport wheels are located on the front, which helps to move it easily.

Next, the Peloton weighs 140 pounds.

Finally, it is recommended for people who are 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 5 inches tall and weigh up to 297 pounds.


Here are some features that make Peloton stand out among others.

  • First, Peloton’s live class program is the best you can get right now. Even MYXfitness doesn’t have live classes right now.
  • Second, it comes with a live leaderboard. And, this leaderboard allows competition with other people in the live workout. Indeed, this is the best feature for you if you think the workouts are boring. 
  • Third, the basic Peloton comes with a 21.5 inches full HD touch screen display. Meanwhile, the plus model comes with a 24.5 inches full HD touch screen display.
  • Fourth, the pedals are clips only. Which means if you don’t buy shoes, then you should buy toe cages.
  • Next, it features dual water bottles.
  • Also, the trainers are great. Most of all they keep always motivating.
  • In addition, you have access to all of their high-quality video instructions.
  • Furthermore, the Peloton comes with magnetic resistance.
  • Now, the basic Peloton version’s screen only moves up and down. So, iyou want the screen to move side to side, then you should choose the plus version, as it comes with a swivel screen.
  • However, the Peloton doesn’t have the option for switching between instructor channel and music independently.
  • Finally, shipping takes four to nine weeks and comes with its own costs.

By the way, the basic version of the Peloton doesn’t come with any accessories. So, if you want accessories, you would have to buy essential and family packages. Now, the essential packages include a pair of shoes and headphones. Meanwhile, the family packages include a bike, mat, and heart rate monitor besides shoes and headphones. 


Peloton offers three pricing packages. The starting package includes only the bike. Meanwhile, the essential package includes the bike, pair of shoes and headphones. Lastly, the family package includes the bike, mat, heart rate monitor, pair of shoes, and headphones. Meanwhile, membership has a monthly subscription cost.

Final opinions

Most of all, if you are a pro cyclist, then Peloton could be the right choice for you.

On the other hand, if you’re someone like me who needs a spin bike for a home workout or use it occasionally, then MYX is the best option for you.

But if you are more concerned with value, you can go with the MYX because you get more value for the price. Lastly, the popularity of MYX is increasing day by day, and it is considered to be the best budget spin bike.