Overnight Diapers and Its Health Benefits

Although the day diaper can work perfectly at night, in the supermarket we can find diapers specifically designed for use at night, offering some useful advantages.

As parents we tend to work hard to make babies and toddlers comfortable, hoping that they will sleep soundly through the night. For example, we make sure that they are warm or cool (depending on the season we are in), have a full stomach and have a perfectly clean diaper.

But it can be frustrating when we do our best to get the little one to rest and yet wake up just a few hours later because urine has leaked through the diaper so that they are suddenly wet, uncomfortable and totally awake. And if this happens during sleep training it is even more frustrating for both parents and baby.

And, even if the baby or young child uses a diaper at night, if you are a parent, it is quite likely that you have already verified for yourself that sometimes this is not entirely enough.

It may happen that the little one has drunk a lot of fluids, that we have forgotten to change the little one's diaper or that we have even made a mistake by putting it on. Never mind. The result will be the same: you will end up with wet sheets.

Is it Necessary to Buy Overnight Diapers?

Most brands offer specific diapers for use only at night. This type of diapers, it is true, have been specially designed to avoid or minimize nocturnal leaks, which are usually more common with everyday or common diapers.

The same happens with those diapers that are used specifically when we are trying to reduce and finally eliminate their use at night, especially when the child has already reached the recommended age and can be perfectly prepared to abandon it.

overnight diapers

You will find them in the supermarket with the rest of the diapers. But, they will differ from the common ones in that they are diapers designed to be used at night. Incidentally, you can find them under the brands or names of "Night Diapers" or "Overnight Diapers".

In most cases, this type of diaper is characterized by having a greater thickness and also being much more absorbent compared to normal diapers. Consequently, they become a great option to use at night.

Also, it must be said, they tend to be somewhat more expensive than normal diapers. But, since it is only necessary to use them overnight, it is more than likely that the box will last a much longer period of time compared to other diapers that will be used the rest of the day (and that you will tend to change several times if the baby or child is still young).

Some pediatricians recommend wearing a larger diaper size at night, which would help prevent possible urine leakage. Let's take an example. If your baby wears a size 3 during the day, but urine leaks out at night, you can try going up to size 4 (but only at night, keeping the baby in size 3 during the day).

However, the larger diaper should fit snugly around the waist and thighs. Otherwise, if it is not possible to achieve it, you must go down one size again, since if you cannot tighten them well they will end up producing leaks anyway.

On the other hand, some parents indicate that using a double diaper can be helpful in preventing nighttime urine leakage. Simply put the baby's diaper on normally and then place another one just above it. In this sense, the most common is to use a larger size for the second diaper. Thus, if the baby wears a size 2, put this diaper on first and then put the size 3 over it.

This offers even more benefits, since if the second diaper is dry, which could happen very often, then you could reuse it the next night. Let's say that this method would help you feel more secure, especially if you fear that the baby or toddler will get wet at night if urine is leaking often.

Benefits of Washable Night Diapers

If you are thinking of switching to washable baby diapers and are confused by the multitude of choices out there, which washable diapers to use at night, or during naps and for which it is essential to have good absorption.

With a little luck, baby will sleep like a dormouse and you will need very absorbent washable diapers for the night, to avoid leaks and above all to ensure optimal comfort for your child. Here are the different solutions that we have selected for you (non-exhaustive list).

1 - Use the same washable diapers as the day with a booster

Whatever diapers you plan to use, know that their absorption can a priori be increased using a booster. A booster is a super absorbent insert that is added to the diaper you already have in order to increase its absorbent capacity. So choose materials such as bamboo or hemp, which are able to retain up to 10 times their weight in water!

2 - Opt for the swaddling system or classic diaper + protective panty

It may be said, of all the washable diaper systems, none offers the absorption of a classic diaper or a diaper, lined with a waterproof protective panty. Personally, I have never had night-time leaks with this system (although it has happened to me before with TE2s - and TE1s are not talking about it!)

Just like the boosters, choose bamboo, hemp, or possibly cotton diapers. As these fabrics can become rough over time, do not hesitate to have a fleece veil inside, to protect baby's bottom and ensure a dry effect that will undoubtedly be more pleasant. You can also put them in the dryer from time to time, to soften them and give them a little softness.

Then, over your diaper (or your diapers), it will be necessary to put on a shorty or a waterproof overlay, either in PUL or in wool. Why wool? Wool is naturally water repellent and antibacterial thanks to the lanolin it contains. It's bluffing, but it works!

In addition to the absorption, this system also offers greater comfort to baby because it compresses it less at the level of the thighs and the belly, the classic diapers being more flexible than the TE1 or the TE2. This is not negligible with a layer which is supposed to last about ten hours.