Orangetheory Fitness Prices

Each Orangetheory class is a one-hour group fitness experience with a separate workout each day, says Erin Beck, NASM-certified instructor and head coach at Orangetheory. It is what you have to buy for the so-called gym to get the benefits of your workouts. An oxygen intake or body circular theory is based on additional post-exercise. The main goal of the OTF Sweat Session is to train a target hard rate for 12 minutes or more. It takes a lot of patience and patience to improve your overall fitness.

Since its inception in 2010, it has rapidly expanded to 38 locations. You can find out the current value of Orangetheory fitness from

That's the cost of an orangetheory class

Subscription rates vary based on where you are located. Here is a little discussion about orangetheory Fitness Prices. Basic Price based on Monthly Subscription (4 sessions per month) starting fee (One Person) (Basic) 0.00 $, Monthly Fee (One Person) (Basic) 59.00 $ and Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Basic) 0.00

ELITE (8 sessions per month) Starting fee (one person) (elite) 0.00 $, Monthly (one person) (elite) 99.00 $ and Cancellation fee (one person) (elite) 0.00

Premier (Unlimited Session) Starting Fee (One Person) (Premier) 0.00 $, Monthly Fee (One Person) (Premier) 159.00 $ and Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Premier) 0.00

Additional Resources Extra Session (Extra). 18.00. In Orangetheory Class packages for 199.00$ 10 sessions, 20 sessions for 359.00$ and 30 sessions for 499.00$. For a separate session, you have to spend 28$.

OTF's membership type

Orangetheory Basic

Such membership is done without any agreement. It is available every month. This step consists of four sessions called workouts. You will definitely get a discount if you take other sessions.

Orangetheory Elite

You will not need any agreement in this session. This session is calculated every month. This Orangetheory Elite has eight sessions.

Orangetheory Premier

No contract will be required in this session either. It is conducted every month. From this premiere path, you can participate in any of the sessions. If you have a family member and TF involved with you, you will be given an add-on family discount.

Orangetheory offers Discounts

Many popular gymns offer discounts on a special offer for students. But there is no discount for current students of orangetheory. Also if you can see any Orangetheory Fitness around you can keep in touch there

Orangetheory offers something special for everyone. If you care about your health and want to take your fitness forward, then these discount offers are the perfect time for you to get started. Orangetheory offers a variety of offers on their website, including free classes, Black Friday offers, holiday gift offers, retail discounts, and free bottled water.


There are many great benefits to Orangetheory classes, says Beck. Orangetheory helps to earn after-burn during workouts. Beck added that scientifically known as excess exercise oxygen intake or EPOC. Your trainer will help you reach this area using heart rate data in a 12-minute class to achieve after-burn. The main idea of this is that you can work hard and you feel uncomfortable for 12 minutes or more during your workout. But in the next 36 hours, you will benefit from increased calorie burning. The main effective aspect of OTF is that it is at least 85 percent of the person's heart rate. This results in increased metabolism during the day. This is known as extra exercise and oxygen uptake.