Myth Busted: Veganism is on the Rise

As a lifestyle choice, veganism is on the rise. In fact, veganism is gaining popularity all around the globe. Although there are people apprehensive about foregoing meat, and they believe that veganism doesn't offer the same nutrition that a regular diet does, this is far from the truth. A lot of people think one can get proteins only from meat and dairy. With vegans abstaining from meat, many people fear losing essential proteins if they want to choose this lifestyle. Unknown to them, there is some plant protein that is a part of everyone's daily intake and is a healthier choice by evidence.

This myth about veganism has made people disinclined to it. But, vegan diet constituents like soya, tofu and others are rich in proteins. Nuts and seeds, green vegetables, and lentils are all rich sources of protein too. They also are enriched with omega-3 fatty acids usually found in meat, making them a healthy alternative. The consumption of plant proteins is especially useful in weight loss. Not only are they loaded with nutrients, but they also contain less fat than animal proteins and more fiber. In fact, fiber is especially essential for weight loss. Plant-based proteins are also devoid of allergy-causing substances like gluten, dairy, nuts, and such.

The consumption of plant based proteins has become easier with them being available in many forms. The most versatile is protein powder derived from plants. This can be added to any meal and have no taste.

Now, that veganism is on the rise, plant protein has become a raging hit amongst fitness enthusiasts. Consequently, this has led to a boom in their production. They are now available for convenient consumption based on one's diet or regimen.

Protein Shakes

A protein shake is perhaps the best way to start the day. Vegan protein shakes use plant based protein combined with other nutrients to give a power-packed start in the morning. People who start their day by jogging can benefit from these protein shakes. For maximum calorie burn during a run, one can consume a protein shake before starting. Due to these protein shakes being plant based, they burn calories faster. They are also available in many flavors and brands offering non-GMO protein powders. Incidentally, they boost immunity as well.


Many people with hectic schedules often find themselves skipping the gym or even forgoing their exercise routine altogether. People who cannot find time for exercise should at least switch to a more nutritional diet. Supplements aid in adding nutrition to the diet, ensuring all the necessary proteins are made available for bodily functions. Plant based proteins also come in capsule form to supplement an individual's protein intake. They are safe for all ages as they come from natural sources.

Protein Desserts

Everyone craves desserts at some point. Desserts are the ultimate comfort food. But, most desserts are usually loaded with calories and show up immediately on the weight machine. These fats are hard to get rid off as well. Substituting these desserts made with all-purpose flour by protein flour is a great way to ensure there is no additional weight gain. Protein flours are extracted from plants and nuts and don't affect the taste of the desserts either. Pancakes, mousses, puddings, virtually all types of desserts are now available in protein alternatives. For the home baker, they can purchase the flour and bake any dessert they wish to without guilt. While satiating the appetite, these recipes also contribute to one's daily nutrition intake.

One can incorporate plant proteins into any diet with many options available in the market. Many online nutrition supplement stores, with worldwide shipping, make healthy living achievable to anyone. These vegan options benefit not only the individual but also the planet as they discourage the growing of GMO plants and lead to greener farming methods, thus helping the entire world in the process.