Motorized Pedal Exerciser Buyers Guide

Use motorized pedal exerciser buyers guide to get insight into motorized pedal exercisers reviewed elsewhere on this site. Also, use with motorized pedal exerciser frequently asked questions to find best for your needs.

Desk Use

First, some people may prefer to use the motor driven pedal exercisers under a desk or table while they work. Indeed, several of the motor driven pedal exercisers may fit under a desk or table. However, it all depends on where the maximum height the top of your knees, with the foot on a pedal, rises above the floor and the clearance between this top of your knees and the underside of the desk or table.


Second, LCD monitors that show workout time, revolutions, revolutions per minute, and calories help keep track of your workouts. But, they may not be needed if you are in recovery.


Third, a motorized pedal exerciser exercising both legs and arms gives you more options than one exercising only the legs.


Fourth, some motorized elliptical pedal machines come with a handle while others do not. In fact, the main function of the handle is to help you easily carry the machine.

Height for use Under a Desk

Fifth, if the motorized pedal exerciser is going to be used under a desk, you need to measure the distance between the top of your knee, when sitting on a chair, and the floor with your shoes on. Next you need to measure the highest point the top of the pedal reaches above the floor. So, to use the exerciser below a desk or table, the sum of these two numbers needs to be less than the distance between the underside of the table or desk and the floor. By the way , the typical knee space under a desk is 20 to 26 inches. However, some desks or tables could be higher.


Sixth, the motor is used to drive pedals. Consequently, a motor with adjustable speed gives you different workout intensities.

Pedal Movement

Next, pedals that move forward and backwards exercise different muscles of the legs and arms. In fact, studies show that pedaling backwards has been observed to reduce pressure on the tibiofemoral joint which may offer value in the rehabilitation of meniscal problems or tibiofemoral osteoarthritis. Also, pedaling backwards is associated with higher activation of the quadriceps muscles.

Pedal Straps

Meanwhile, pedal straps help grip your feet to the pedals. Consequently, it is easier to keep your feet on the pedals. However, pedal straps need to be adjustable to accommodate various shoe sizes.

Remote Controller

Also, the motorized elliptical pedals reviewed here come with a remote controller. Indeed, this controller makes it easy for the user to change the pedal exerciser's speed, switch from motor power to manual power, and change from clockwise pedal rotation to counter-clockwise and vice versa. Moreover, the connection between the controller and the pedal exerciser can be with wires or wireless.


In addition, motor driven pedals are designed for the elderly, anyone in recovery, and those who sit for long periods of time. Consequently, motorized pedal exercisers provide very little resistance to pedaling than other pedal exercisers. However, motor driven pedals do provide resistance, when the motor is turned off and manually pedaled.


Now, several of the motorized pedal exercisers have feet that prevents skidding, while others require the use of a rubberized non-skid mat.


Also, motorized pedal exercisers are able to rotate at multiple speeds as specified by the manufacturers. While, all have motors that rotate pedals at these speeds, some pedal exercisers let you decide what speeds you want to manually rotate the pedals. In this later case, you use up calories rotating the pedals.


In addition, the longer the warranty period the better you are protected against manufacturing defects. Generally, a 90-day period will cover majority of manufacturing defects. Since most defects are found in this period, it’s important to ensure your purchase is covered during that time. Moreover, a longer warranty period, implies that the pedal exerciser is better built to last a longer time.


Incidentally, pedal exercisers that weigh less are easier to carry around. On the other hand, heavier pedal exercisers offer more stability.

Your Weight

Finally, even though these motorized pedals are typically used while sitting, some motorized pedals are limited to those whose weight is under their specified maximum user weight. On the other hand, other motorized pedal exercisers have no such limitations.