Mobility Scooters Buyers Guide

Mobility scooters buyers guide provides insight into 3-wheel mobility scooters and 4-wheel mobility scooters that are designed for seniors. Also, use with mobility scooters frequently asked questions to help find the best one.

A medical scooter or a mobility travel scooter allows anyone struggling with mobility a chance to be active and remain independent. For example, seniors or others, having difficulty walking for extended periods, can use a folding mobility scooter to go shopping on their own. Or, if the weather is nice, they can go outside on their own without the need to have someone with them.


First, batteries provide the energy to drive mobility scooters. Also, the bigger the battery, the further you can drive the scooter. However, batteries need to be recharged often. Now, some scooters have indicators showing the charge remaining in the batteries. And, this is helpful in determining the time to charge them.  Especially noteworthy, some batteries take six to eight hours to get fully charged. So, its best to charge them overnight.


Second, these mobility scooters are typically Class 2 or Class 3 scooters.

For example, if you will mainly be making short local journeys on a pavement or want to take your scooter in a car or on public transportation a portable Class 2 mobility scooter is the best option.

On the other hand, if you want something larger with the option of driving on roads then you will need a Class 3 mobility scooter.


Next, you may want a mobility scooter that can be easily folded for storage in the back of a standard car. Now, some mobility scooters are easily dismantled into a small number of components that can be stored in the back of a car. Meanwhile, others fold within seconds for storage in a car.

Also, the folding features of a folding mobility scooter allows the scooter to be used in places outside the home such as while shopping, visiting friends and relatives, or going to a park.

Range or Distance

Most of all, its important to know the distance you plan to travel with the scooter. Also, you need to consider the terrain the scooter will travel. In addition, you have to take into consideration your weight and the age of the battery. Lastly, combining all these factors, the mobility scooter needs to be capable of meeting all these conditions are bring you safely home.


Seats that can swivel makes it easy to mount and dismount from the scooter. Also the seats should be large enough for you to sit comfortably. In addition, the height of the seat should be adjustable so that short as well as tall seniors can use the scooter.


Next, mobility scooters are steered by handlebars. Also, some wheelchair type scooters use joysticks to steer the wheelchair.

Types of Mobility Scooters

Most of all, there are two types of mobility scooters: those with three wheels and those with four wheels.

Now, three wheeled mobility scooters have a tighter turning radius. Consequently, they are easier handle and steer in close spaces, such as around the home. Also, they are good for use on smooth surfaces. However, their use outdoors is limited.

On the other hand, if you have serious balance issues or you prefer extra stability, four wheeled scooters is a better choice. Also, four wheeled mobility scooters have a wider and sturdier wheelbase. Consequently, they are good outdoors where there is rougher terrain such as grass, gravel, and even snow. In addition, four wheeled scooters provide more stability.


Next, you need to consider how you will use these scooters. If they are going to be used indoor, check the scooters dimensions against the size of the doors. On the other hand, if they are used outdoors, they will mainly be pavements or do you need something for all terrains.


Finally, because mobile scooters are expensive, its important to ensure they are covered by a good warranty.