Massage Recliner FAQ

Massage recliner FAQ or frequently asked questions give insight into massage reclining chairs that are reviewed elsewhere on this site. Incidentally, use the information below along with massage recliner buyers guide to find the best.

Question: Is a massage recliner bad for your legs?

Answer. A massage recliner is not necessarily bad for your legs. Like sitting on a couch or chair, the longer and more often you sit has a detrimental impact on your lower legs. That is because sitting causes poor blood circulation in the lower legs. However, with a recliner you can move the chair to a suitably reclining position to keep blood moving through the lower legs. While blood circulation in the legs is not as bad as sitting in an upright position, a reclining position improves blood circulation in the legs somewhat.

Of course, in a fully reclining or horizontal position, blood circulation in the legs would be quite good. But this horizontal position is typically used to take a nap. So the best bet is to use the massage recliner for short periods of time and be more active by moving your legs.

Question: Can you sleep on a massage recliner?

Answer. The short answer is yes. You can use a massage recliner to take a nap. However, it is not a good idea to sleep overnight on a massage recliner. In fact, regular overnight use may result in knee and hip contractures.

Question: Does the massage recliner give a good massage?

Answer. A massage recliner massages those parts of the body that are adjacent to massage nodes in the recliner. However, a massage recliner doesn’t give the same level of massage as an expensive massage chair.

Question: How long will a massage recliner last?

Answer. The answer depends on how and how often the massage recliner is used. If the massage recliner is constantly used, its life span is shortened. On the other hand, if the massage recliner is used along with other furniture in your home, such as the couch, other chairs, etc. it will last a long time. Incidentally, regular maintenance helps along with repairing problems as they occur.