Massage Recliner Buyers Guide

Massage recliner buyers guide gives insight into these massage reclining chairs that are reviewed elsewhere on this site. Incidentally, use the information below along with massage recliner frequently asked questions to find the best.


First, this is the height of the tallest person that can comfortably nap on the chair. As with weight, this factor helps you winnow the list of chairs that can accommodate your height.

Incline Positions

Second, the user has to push the back of the chair to get the desired incline. Some chairs have fixed incline positions. Meanwhile, other chairs allow the user to push the chair back to any desired incline.

Incline Range

Third, chairs have their own unique range of incline positions. Some can incline from the straight up position to a napping position while others from straight up to somewhere in between.

Massage nodes

Fourth, look at the number of massage nodes the chair offers. Most come with two massage nodes in the lumbar region. Meanwhile, some chairs have massage nodes in the lumbar region as well as for other parts of your body.

Massage modes

Fifth, look at the massage modes each massage node provides. Some chairs typically have eight massage modes, while others have fewer.

Special Features

Next, special features include nodes in the lumbar region that provide a vibration massage. Meanwhile some chairs offer features like 360 degree swivel, a chair that can rock back and forth, cup holders, side pockets, heat massage, vibration nodes in the back, lumbar, thighs, and lower legs.


Meanwhile, some chairs come with no warranties, some require you to purchase a warranty, and some come with a warranty.


Finally, the weight represents the user's maximum weight that the chair can support. This factor helps you to focus on chairs that support your weight and skip those that don't.