Massage Seat Cushion and Massage Chair Pad Buyers Guide

Contains massage seat cushion and massage chair pad buyers guide for massage chair pad and massage seat cushion reviewed elsewhere on this site. Also, use this massage chair pad buyers guide in conjunction with massage chair pad FAQ.

Car Use

First, some can be used in cars and some can't. In fact, the ones which can't are principally for your safety. So, if you want to use it in a car, look at ones that are designed to be used in cars.


Second, all the chair pads always massage the seat and the back. However, while they massage the back, they may not massage the entire back. For example, some may not specifically massage the neck. By the way, there are specialized massagers for the neck. Furthermore, some chair pads let you massage certain areas of your back for extra attention. Lastly, some massagers massage the entire back, while others massage fixed areas of the back.

Above all, the length of the chair pad should reach your neck and shoulder area.


Third, when heat is applied, it causes the soft tissue to relax and become more supple. Also, the heat results in an increase of blood flow to the area. In addition, the increased relaxation results in a reduction of joint stiffness, muscle stiffness, and pain. By the way, look for ones with the ability to turn the heat on or off.


Fourth, kneading is a massage technique in which pressure is applied to  lift muscles in a circular and upwards motion. Furthermore, kneading can be used to get high muscle tone, relieve tight muscles and as a relaxation technique. By the way, kneading is done by rollers that travel up and down your back.

Massage Elements

Next, massage elements represent the number of places where the machine provides either a kneading massage, a vibration massage, or heat. For example, a node that provides a kneading massage, as well as heat represents two massage elements on that part of the body.

Massage Types

Also, these massagers generally provide kneading and vibration massages. Now, in general, the kneading massages are for the back while vibration massages are for the seat. On the other hand, some provide vibration massages for both the back and seat.


Finally, vibrations are a massage technique used to stimulate soft tissue. In fact, the vibration technique can be an up and down movement or a shaking motion. Furthermore, lighter vibration techniques can help stimulate the parasympathetic system and help muscles relax.