Magic Union Lift Chair Help Elderly Others Get Up

First and foremost, the Magic Union Lift Chair aka Magic Union Power Lift Massage Recliner is designed for the elderly who may need help getting up from a chair. Also, its good for anyone who needs help getting up from a sitting position. Meanwhile, the Magic Union Power Lift Massage Recliner is compared with others here.

Key Features

Chair Positions

Now, there are three chair positions you can get to using the recline or stand buttons located on a tethered remote control.

First, using the recline button makes the chair recline. Incidentally, the footrest and backrest are simultaneously extended or retracted.

Second, using the same recline button makes the chair go to the straight up TV or reading position.

Lastly, the stand button causes the chair to be pushed up, as far as needed, so you can easily stand up. Incidentally, the chair does this by tilting the chair forward, thereby allowing you to easily stand and get up from the chair.


First, this chair has eight vibrating massage nodes.

Firstly, there are two nodes for the back,
Secondly, two nodes massage the lumbar region,
Thirdly, two nodes massage the thighs, and
Lastly, there are two nodes for the lower legs or shins.

Second, these nodes give you five types of massages: pulse, press, wave, auto, and normal.

Third, you have a choice of two vibration intensities: low or high.

Fourth, it comes with a heating element, in the lower back, to warm the lumbar region.

Finally, you use the tethered controller to manage the massage features.

Chair Features

First, the chair has two cup holders, one in front of each of the two arms.

Second, this chair has two side pockets: one on each side for storing magazines, phone, etc.

Third, the chair has thick padded headrest with soft PU leather.

Fourth, this chair uses faux PU leather.

Also, the chair is made of solid wooden frame.

Finally, the chair’s durable metal structure makes the chair better support the body and stay stable.

Other Features

First, this chair is usable by anyone weighing less than 280 pounds.

Second, because the length of the chair in the full reclining position is 68.2” long or 5’ 8.2”, it is best for those who are not taller than 5’ 9” plus one or two inches.

Third, the dimensions of this chair are as follows.

Firstly, in the straight up reading position, it is 33.5” wide, 31” long, and 41.3” high.
Secondly, in the full reclining position, it is 62” long with the backrest extending 20” behind the chair.
Thirdly, the seat is 22.4” wide, 20.5” deep, and 19” above the floor.
Fourthly, the height of the backrest is 28.7”.
Next, the armrest is 25.6” above the floor.
Also, the top of the backrest reaches 59” above the floor at the highest lift position.
Lastly, wall clearance is 17 to 20 inches.

Magic Union dimensions

Fourth, this chair is easy to assemble.

Finally, the chair comes with 1-year warranty.


First, the chair can be used in a reclined, straight up, or lifted while leaning forward to help you easily standup.

Second, all these chair movements done using the recline and stand buttons on the remote controller.

Third, the chair has 2 massage nodes for the back, 2 for the lumbar region, 2 for the thighs, and 2 for the lower legs.

Fourth, the chair can provide five types of massages: pulse, press, wave, auto, or normal massage.

Next, the handheld massage controller is used to generate either a low intensity or a high intensity vibration massage.

Also, the massage controller is used to heat the lumbar region.

In addition, the handheld controller is used to set massage durations of 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

Also, this chair is usable by anyone weighing less than 280 pounds.

Finally, it comes with 1-year warranty.


However, this chair may not work for someone taller than 5’ 11”.