Low Impact Cardio That Make You Good as You Age

It is no secret that working out is beneficial for you. But as you get older, it can begin to take a toll on your body. When this happens, it is wise to reduce or limit some of the exercises that begin to wear on your joints. Low impact cardio is still, very, beneficial and can provide the same great results that high-impact cardio provides. However, many people feel limited in their options for regular cardiovascular exercise.

Some of the most common options are walking, jogging, and running. The problem with all of these activities is that they are high-impact and can have short term and long term impact on your joints. Your knees and ankles, in particular, are susceptible to damage from years of high-impact exercise. When you are young you still have all the cartilage in the world in your body, but as you wear this down over the years the pain can deter you from exercising. The good news is that a range of low impact activities are available that, in many cases, burn calories and raise your heart rate even more efficiently.

Below is a list of cardio exercises that you can do, and still get the same great results.


First and foremost, swimming, is probably the most prevalent exercise when it comes to low impact. Swimming has almost no hard impact on your joints. Instead, swimming involves almost all muscles in your body in a veritable symphony of cardiovascular exertion! Now, if you don't know how to swim efficiently, it's never too late to take a few lessons in order to find a technique that will allow you to swim for 20 minutes or more at a time. What I like about swimming is that it is not only a great exercise, but it can literally save your life. People that don't' know how to swim, limit their outside activity when it comes to water sports. And this makes complete sense. Learning to swim will enhance your everyday life. In addition, it will be another tool when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Cycling is also a good choice since it involves smooth movement of your legs. You can choose to ride an actual bike or to use an exercise bike in a gym or at home. You will not get much of an upper-body workout with indoor cycling, but your legs and cardio will improve greatly. If you use an indoor spinner there are plenty of spinning bikes with preprogrammed rides, suitable for all levels. And, as your cardio strengthens, you can increase the resistance, go for longer rides, or increase the intensity. All of which is easy on your body.

Elliptical Machines

If you want to incorporate a bit of upper-body exercise with your cardio, an elliptical exercise machine is a great alternative. The smooth cycling motion of the elliptical combined with the upper body handles will get your heart going. By being smart and choosing lower impact exercises now, you can retain your future ability to do cardiovascular exercise. Indeed, these low impact workouts protect you from short term injury and long term damage to your joints associated with high impact exercise.

Incidentally, other forms of elliptical machines include the elliptical stepper, recumbent cross trainers, compact ellipticals, and long stride ellipticals.


Don't let age or body aches get the best of you. By incorporating one of these low-impact exercises, you will be able to continue your physical exercise routine and live a healthier life.