Light Therapy: A solution to Insomnia, Dementia and Mood Swings

There has been endless debate if modern technology is a blessing or a curse? Modern technology has presented us with immense opportunities while limiting us with numerous health conditions. After all, it comes to our choice of how we use these technologies. Some may argue that these conditions were present from the beginning of mankind, and the severity has only increased throughout time. Additionally, now modern science has a way to treat and cure these conditions, such as a solution to insomnia. Here we are going to discuss three major health conditions, namely insomnia, dementia, and mood swing, and how to treat them with the help of light therapy.

Relation of Light and Sound Health

From the early ages of human civilization, people were aware of the therapeutic benefits of light. The sun temples and sun Gods are clear evidence of such knowledge. With time, scientists discovered the endless benefits that light brings out for mental and physical health. The light delivers essential vitamins to the human body while inducing healing naturally. Moreover, it highly impacts the mood of a person positively. Therefore, researchers worked day and night to deliver these benefits to the residents of the areas where a sunny day is considered a miracle. As a result, light therapy technology was invented, from which numerous people are presently receiving benefits.

What is Light Therapy?

Light therapy is a process to receive the benefits of light even when the sun is not present. In this process, a person exposes himself to a light source that can mimic the sun’s light flux. For ease of use, there have been many devices that can induce the benefits of light in various parts of the body. Nowadays, from lightboxes to face masks, wands, lamps are used for light therapy. Historically, NASA developed this technology to assist astronauts in inducing rapid healing and elevate moods. However, today a lot of other industries are effectively using this technology to deliver various benefits for the users.

Connections Between Mental Health and Light Therapy

During the late twentieth century, the relation between mental health and light first experimented and showed immense promise. Scientists have successfully provided enough evidence that links the functions of the biological clock of a human body with the sun. The biological clock is highly responsible for a human’s circadian rhythm, which controls the sleep cycle, physiology, and behavior. Additionally, the circadian rhythm can get disrupted and reset depending on the presence or absence of light. Every tissue and organ of the human body contains a biological clock. So any fluctuations in the circadian rhythm can be severely harmful to the human body. That’s where light therapy comes into play. It restores the complex biological clock to restore the best health benefit for the person’s health.

Relation Among Insomnia, Mood Swing, and Dementia

Insomnia is a fairly common problem among common peers. It can either be caused by various health conditions or due to immense stress or trauma. A lot of people are currently suffering from insomnia and constantly having sleepless nights. Consequently, these people are looking for a solution to insomnia. Consequently, they feel less energetic during day time which highly impacts the mood and ability to work. As a result, severe mood swing syndrome occurs in a person. 

Now, when these conditions are regularly recurring, the brain gets affected negatively, and the brain cells take a great impact. As a result, various mental conditions can occur in a person. Among them, dementia is a prominent one. A person forgets various details of his life due to dementia. This can either be for a short period of time or can stay for a long time. Alzheimer’s is one of the severe results of dementia.

How Can Light Therapy Help?

Light therapy is one of the wonderful therapies that developed rapidly due to its multiple benefits, such a solution to insomnia. In light therapy, the light device mimics the intensity of natural light. Then a person exposes himself to the light for receiving the benefits. It is totally organic, painless, and can receive the benefit within a short period of time. When a person is exposed to the light, the biological clock is reset and set to a regular healthy routine. Therefore, the person is able to grab a sound sleep at night, achieve the optimum mood, which helps restore mental health effectively. Moreover, light therapy helps the body cells to energize and induce healing. Therefore, the signs of dementia keep a certain distance from the person.


The effectiveness of light therapy has made it massively popular among the common peer, and it’s growing exponentially. Additionally, you cannot put a price on your mental health, which is significantly improved by light therapy. Your health is the best wealth that you can achieve. So protecting it should be a priority as well. With some best decisions with healthy habits, you can preserve your good health for the upcoming bright future.