Power Lift Recliners Buyers Guide

Power lift recliners buyers guide gives insight into power lift recliners, reviewed elsewhere on this site. Also, use this power lift recliner buyers guide and power lift recliner frequently asked questions to find the best.

Anti-tipping Devices

First, anti-tipping devices prevent the chair from falling back and causing you injuries. Now, this could be a problem if you tend to push back hard on the chair.

Chair Positions

Second, all these chairs lift the user to a nearly standing position.

Firstly, some chairs recline the backrest which, in turn, causes the footrest to move in tandem.

Secondly, other chairs allow the backrest to be reclined and the footrest to be moved independently of each other.

Thirdly, some chairs allow the backrest and the footrest to be positioned at any desired angle.

Lastly, some chairs recline to the all-flat sleep position.

Chair Size

Third, its important to choose a chair that fits your body. A chair too small for a large person is just as bad as a chair too big for a smaller person. For example, a tall person will likely find a smaller chair to be very uncomfortable. Likewise, a small person’s feet in a big chair won’t touch the ground. All chairs give recommendations on the maximum body weight and height the chair is designed for. Use this information to save you time looking through chairs.


Fourth, leather covering is not good for someone who sweats. On the other hand, leather is easier to clean than a chair with a cloth covering.

Cup Holders

Fifth, not all chairs come with cup holders. So, if drinking coffee, water, etc. is something you will do in the chair, look for a chair with cup holders.


Next, some chairs come with massagers and heat while others do not. So, if massagers and heat will help you, look for chairs offering these capabilities.


Also, a chair with two motors allow you, for example, to move the backrest and footrest independently of each other.


Finally, wheels make it convenient for you to move the chair. On the other hand, chairs without wheels have to be lifted to be moved.