Is the Ninja Blender Right Machine for Making Smoothies and Juices?

Ninja brand is a reputable name in the blender manufacturing industry. This is why we have done deep research to highlight some of the advantages of using Ninja blender for making smoothies and other healthy drinks. We will highlight the benefits and important features of some common models of Ninja blenders.

Ninja blenders have provided excellent service to many homes, and as well an essential tool in the modern kitchen. Either for juice or smoothies, the Ninja blender benefits include strength, durability and efficiency to give you nothing but the best. Here are the 3 models of Ninja blenders we have brought before you.

1. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

This blender has a countertop with a 1000-watt base. For individuals that want a heavy-duty sized blender for juices and smoothies, this is a recommended model. It can produce about 5-6 mugs of smoothies or juices at a time.

Ninja professional machine is made with a simple control system with 5 different press buttons for speeds and power pulse. The product has a six-bled unit that makes up the entire jar. The blade is strong enough to cut and crush through anything that's covered inside the jar. This is why this particular product can make a cup of smoothie or juice faster than other models. The blender is food-grade safe.

Quality Feature of the Ninja Professional 72oz

  • Large capacity for making enough content for family and friends within a short while
  • Powerful 1000 watts motor for all kinds of blending and durability
  • Lids close tightly to minimize leaks
  • Crushes ice snow easily
  • Razor-sharp and strong blade to assembly cuts neatly
  • Blends easily and quickly in one time
  • Lesser noise

2. Ninja Nutri Pro Personal Blender

Here is another blender with 900-watt base. It is great and known for its powerful motor. Also, it has a single serving cup. This model of the Ninja brand comes with 18oz smoothies and 24oz cups. This type of blender has a nice twist on the sprout covers. It enables you to take your drink out if you are going for a stroll. The motor is integrated with 900 watts of power; this makes it crush solid items, including rice, seeds, nuts efficiently. Ninja Nutri Pro Personal Blender has stainless steel blades that are thick, sharp and unbreakable.

Quality Features of Ninja Nutri Pro Personal Blender

  • New package of this product comes with 70 different amazing recipes
  • 900-watt motor which is durable alongside
  • Lovely transparent juice/smoothie cup with spout cover
  • Can make juice, smoothie or puree as fast as possible
  • The parts are washable and food-friendly

3. Ninja Personal Blender

This type of Ninja blender is for personal use, good for smoothies, juices, shakes, food prep and also for frozen blending. It has a 700-watt base. This is the most affordable and better for someone living alone. For a single person, it can efficiently prepare nutrient-rich smoothie, juice, protein shake and other kinds of blending activities. The Ninja personal blender is made with double 16oz Nutri ninja cups, seal lids and slip, plus 30 recipes for juices and smoothies. For coffee lovers, this blender is great at bullet-proof coffee too.

Note that this particular blender is small, so for this reason, you have to cut all the materials or ingredients you want to blend into smaller pieces and add milk, water or yoghurt. It can not blend a whole fruit well like the bigger ninja blenders. So making the pieces smaller is better for efficiency and consistently blending of the content into the needed fine paste or juice. Good maintenance of this blender makes it last longer without any fault. Even with the lowest budget, anyone can afford to buy this product.

Quality Features of the Ninja Personal Blender

  • Easy and convenient to use 700-watt power pod
  • Effective for the blending of frozen veggies and fruits
  • Extra two sips, two cups and seal cover for multipurpose usage
  • The blender parts are washable and food-friendly
  • Free 30 recipes with guidelines on how to make them


At the end of this article, we have been able to see that ninja blender are all great for making smoothies, juices and shakes, and so many other drinks. The lowest of them all is recommended for every household. Ninja blenders, regardless of the model, is highly recommended.