How to Use Epilator on Face: A Step by Step Guide

Looking to get rid of that annoying facial hair? Epilators might be a good option for you. Here is how to use epilator on face.

Facial Hair

Facial hair, although natural, is a source of shame and embarrassment for many women around the world. It can affect a person’s self-image, self-esteem, and confidence. There aren’t too many women around the world who would like to have this facial hair be on full display. Women are supposed to be “not hairy,” according to the norms of society. It does not matter that the rules of the game have been decided on by the patriarchy, women still feel a lot of undue pressure due to this system but, for the most part, it can be just better to abide by the rules of the system and get rid of the facial hair. Fortunately, there are a lot of options available to women looking to get rid of facial hair.


Epilating is one such method of removing hair that has gained quite a lot of popularity in recent days. It can be used to remove hair from just about any part of the body. The epilator machine works by utilizing a bunch of tweezers that are placed in the head whose job it is to pull out hair that may have accumulated in an area. By the very mechanics of how it functions, epilators are much more effective than simply plucking the hair. Then there is the added benefit of having to work less often to get rid of facial hair because once you start epilating frequently, it takes longer for the hair to grow back. It is highly recommended to get an epilator made for the face if you are going to be using it on your face. You should also prepare your face properly before getting started.

The following is designed to show you the required steps for proper epilation.

Prepare Your Face

Get the proper equipment

It is mandatory that you make sure that the epilator you are using is made for use on the face. All epilators are not made to be used on the face. So just don’t get any epilator and use it on your face as you get unwanted results. It is best to have done some research before you go out to get an epilator for the face. A pro tip here is to mention that most epilators for the face are smaller than other ones and are battery operated.

Test an unimportant small part of the body first

The process of epilating can be a painful one although it is not more than the pain of using tweezers. One thing to look out for is that you may unfortunately experience rashes or redness in the areas that you epilate. It might be prudent to epilate a small part of the hand before moving on to the face. This will give you an idea of what kind of pain and sensations to expect and a sense of how your skin might react.


Exfoliate, not just before but after as well. Making sure your skin is in the proper condition before and after the epilating is important.

No Lotion or Oil

Do not use any extra oil or lotion on the face before or in fact even after you epilate. The results of this are ingrown hairs, clogs in the skin and a variety of other issues.

Apply soothing cream after epilating

When you are new to the whole epilating experience, it might be a good idea to apply a soothing cream after you epilate. When you first start off epilating your face, your face has the tendency to get irritated, hence use a soothing lotion.

Pain Meds

For the first few times of epilating, it might be a good idea to have some over the counter pain medication before you start epilating. It would be prudent to have these pain medications at least thirty minutes before you start the epilating process. This will make for a much smoother and pain free epilating experience.

Epilating the Face

Proper hair length

You want to make sure that when epilating, the hair is of the right length. Ideally, epilating should only take place when the hair is shorter, around 2 or 3 mm long. Longer hair will result in the epilator just cutting it and not removing it properly. It won’t work either if the hair is just too short. It is best to epilate when the hair is a few days' growth long. The hair should all be of the same length.

Have your skin be taut

When using epilators on the face, the skin should be kept as tight and taut as possible. Skin that is not tight does not bode well to epilating, it just cannot grab the skin like it can with tight skin. The skin should be held taut so as to make sure that there aren’t any slack skin or wrinkles.

Proper form with the epilator

The epilator should be held perpendicularly. When you are using the epilator on your face make sure that you move it across the skin while it is held in a sideways angle to the face. Make sure that you are not using an up and down motion or that the epilator is parallel to the body. The epilator should always be aimed at being perpendicular as it moves across the face.

Placing the epilator on the face

This should be done very, very gently and it must not be rushed. It should be pressed against the skin below the part that you want to epilate. The head of the epilator should be kept against the skin as the person epilating moves it on the face in the exact opposite direction of how the hair is growing.


The last two things on how to use epilator on face is to take it slowly and to do it with care. The last thing anyone would want is to get an unsightly scar right on your face.