How to Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most valuable time of a woman’s life. In this time, a woman along with her family eagerly waits for the upcoming baby. So, excitement and joy both play their part during this time. However, it is also time for extra care and precautions that a woman needs to take regularly. Number one is to stay hydrated. Other, much needed precautions, and care during pregnancy are:

  • Taking nutritious food regularly,
  • Sleeping properly, and
  • Visiting a doctor regularly. 

All of those are, very, important for a woman at the time of pregnancy. But, among all these, we will talk about staying hydrated and the importance of hydration during pregnancy in this article.

3 Tips to Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy

Here, I will talk about 5 tips which will help you stay hydrated at the time of pregnancy.

1. Drinking Enough Water Daily

Yes, there is no doubt that drinking water is the best way to be hydrated. And everybody knows that too, but how much. According to report, a woman needs to drink about 64 to 96 ounces of water every day during the pregnancy. But, you have to drink water at regular intervals and most of us tend to forget this. So, how can we fix this?

Here, I will mention two tips that will help in you in this case.

A. You need to arrange your daily routine in a way that there is always a time for drinking water. It can start in the morning. After waking up, just go and grab your water bottle and fill it with water. Also, another thing to mention is that you use a measure scale leveled water bottle to know the exact amount of water you are drinking.

B. You can set an alarm or note in your mobile device. It will notify you that you need to drink a certain amount of water at this time. Beside this, your husband or family can help you with this schedule. They can also notify you about the need to drink water. Moreover, fresh water is a must for a woman carrying a baby. However, the water needs to be 100% pure and safe. You can boil the water, but we will not recommend that. A water filter can be a better option rather than boiling. You can find quality water filters in the market which will make your job very easy.

2. Taking Nutritious Fluid or Electrolyte Solution Time to Time

Nutritious fluid is another option to take seriously at the time of pregnancy. Drinking water is not enough for a pregnant woman. That is why she should take nutritious fluid full of mineral, sodium, sugar, and nutrition. Electrolyte solution can be the best option to get hydrated nutritiously and make your immune system strong. There are several types of electrolyte solutions woman can take without hesitation.

Water, Soda, Honey, Salt Based Electrolyte Solution

This is a homemade natural electrolyte solution. You need water (4 cups), baking soda (1 to 1.5 teaspoons), honey (3 tablespoons), salt (1 pinch) to make this.

Recipe: First, you need to pour water in the jar and mix the soda, honey and salt to this. Then stir it with spoon to mix it completely. Then, it will be ready to drink.

Powder Based Electrolyte Solution

You can find different powder-based electrolyte solutions in market. These contain different flavors, color to make them tasty and attractive to drink. Besides this, it contains different nutritious items which will make the mother healthy and hydrated at the same time.

Often people suggest pedialyte as an electrolyte solution, but it is not safe for the mother hoping for a baby. That is why you should find some pedialyte alternatives for you. Please be sure about the medical grade and health organization approved product to be risk free.

Fruit and Spice Based Electrolyte Solution

You can make different fruit and spice mixed electrolyte solutions at home. Coconut salt water, vanilla cream soda, turmeric-lime based electrolyte, honey-based electrolyte solutions are the most common form of electrolyte solutions. They are very easy to make and can keep you hydrated all day long. Moreover, you will get the benefits of fruits and spices too.

3. Hydration Through Diet

Our research on this article gives us different options to help a woman hydrated during pregnancy. However, this is the best option we have so far. Actually, your body can get hydrated by eating watery fruits, vegetables etc. So, let us talk more about it.

Hydration through Vegetables

Eating any vegetable during the pregnancy is good for future mother and baby. But for dehydration issue, you need to eat watery vegetables like gourd, cucumber, tomato, cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant, etc. They will give you enough liquid and nutrition which will make the mother healthy.

Hydration through Fruits

Most fruits contain water which can make the pregnant mother hydrated and healthy at the same time. But, if you only think about hydration, then fruits like watermelon, papaya, strawberries, oranges, cantaloupe, pineapples, and plums contain over 70% water to make up the liquid of the mother body. You can make juice with juicer using these fruits and can drink time to time every day.

Final Words

Pregnancy needs extra attention, and a mother must take care about her health in this time. Here in this article, we talked about hydration process, tips, and their importance for a pregnant mother. Hope after reading this, every mother will take care of their health perfectly.