How to Shave Senior Citizens (Tips for Shaving Elders)

Let's face it! Our senior people face so many problems in their lives. And the grooming problem is one of them. Shaving is a regular & vital part of life routine for a large portion of our youth. But once they start getting old, things start getting tough. Their energy levels decline and they begin to realize they are not as they once were. It's sad but true. Tasks that they could do easily in their youth seems so troublesome when they get old. Take shaving for an example.

Therefore, when an aged person becomes incapable of shaving, someone else from his kith and kin has to do this for him. Maybe you too are one of them who is looking for some tips and advice on how to shave the elderly. In this article, we aim to discuss this in detail. So, without any further ado, let's get started!

Take necessary safety measures

When you plan to shave or groom a mature person, you need to be extra careful because their bodies are different from those of young people. They have super-sensitive skin that is prone to irritations, razor burns, cuts, or nicks. For this reason, your shaving essentials should be as natural as possible, free from harmful chemicals.

They should also be compatible with sensitive skin. Secondly, keep your essentials close enough to you to access them swiftly whenever you need them. Fetch a first aid kit and keep it near as well if any accidental injuries or cuts occur.

Ensure good lighting conditions

When you are going to shave any aged person, make sure you both are in a place where the lighting condition is well. Shaving in dark spots or rooms can be hurtful. If you shave in a place with sufficient light, you will be able to track your shaving progress without any issues. Besides, you will be able to give your aged man a truly satisfying and smooth shaving session that he will love.

Select postures accordingly

When it comes to shaving for elderly men, posture is vital. Ask your man how he would like to be shaven. Make him feel comfortable and ask him if he can complete the whole shaving session while sitting. If he has no problem with that, you can go ahead. If your senior citizen can't walk or sit for a long time, then put him in a lying position because that will be best for him.

Prepare the right tools and products

You will find so many shaving razors, electric trimmers, automatic shavers online and offline. But you can't just buy a random tool just like that for shaving the senior citizens. As we mentioned earlier, they are sensitive and they require special care and tools for this purpose. In this case, always choose a tool that is specifically designed for elderly people. Make sure these tools are capable of working on sensitive and wrinkled skin. Lastly, the shaving products like gel, cream, or foam that you use to shave your senior citizen should be compatible with wrinkled and sensitive skin.

Disinfect your tools

To avoid any kind of skin infection, make sure your shaving tools are clean and sterilized. You can disinfect your razor, blades, tweezers or scissors by applying some rubbing alcohol over them.

Implement the right technique

Unlike shaving young men, shaving an elderly person is a bit tricky and requires more precision. Therefore, applying the appropriate technique is vital in the case of shaving senior citizens. Aged skin is characteristically sensitive and wrinkly. So, trimming and shaving the hair of senior people is challenging. Be extra careful while shaving or trimming the edges of your man's face, such as sideburns, chin, or nose. And remember to cut, trim or shave in the angle of hair growth. Lastly, never forget to place a clean towel before you start shaving.

Post-shave care

When you finish shaving, rinse the razor properly and keep it away in a safe place. And in the case of an electrical trimmer, turn it off to prevent any accidental injury. After that, apply some after-shave on your man's cheek. However, try to use a natural after-shave has fewer chemicals in it. Usage of non-natural chemical-based products can cause skin inflammation, redness, or patches. You can also use jojoba oil, olive oil, or coconut oil as a healthy alternative. They will help by keeping the skin moisturized & hydrated.

Take care of your tools

If you aim to keep your trimmer or other tools nifty and functional for a long time, take care of them. Clean them properly after each shaving session. Damp tissues or wipes with alcohol and use them to clean the shaving blades. It will sanitize it and prevent the development of harmful bacteria or germs.


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Well, you've come to the end of our article. I hope you have learned how to shave senior citizens safely. Remember that shaving aged people is not the same as shaving young men. It's quirky and challenging.

Therefore, we recommend that you follow each of the instructions carefully that we provided in our article to ensure a safe & pleasant shaving experience. Thank you for reading!