How to Remove Skin Tags and Moles Permanently

If you look at someone’s skin or even at your skin and you see something like an inflated balloon or hardcore like pump then we say that is an outlook. In case you develop a skin tag, this should not be an issue of too much concern, If the skin tags bother you not and you are sure of the treatment, then you will not have to have any fear over them.

Tags and moles tend to glow on different parts of the skin, and below is a discussion on various parts where you can see a mole or tag.

1. Genital skin tags

Fibromas soft tissues flesh-colored or small growths on the skin are what are termed as genital tags. In most cases they appear to develop on the stalks your skin when they are pressed, they feel soft and they bend more easily.

Although skin tags are small some may grow to a size as big as a grape, fig, or even as big as an eraser of the pencil. Genital tags commonly develop under the armpits, on the beckon even in-between other folds of your skin.


Genital tags can often be treated using genital medications and through the use of antihistamines.

How to prevent Genital tags and moles

If at all you will identify the cause, then it’s up to you to avoid and prevent yourself before it gets you. Some of the preventions include:

  • Avoid too much touching of pimples.
  • Let go scented soaps and bubbled bath.
  • Avoid very hot water when bathing avoid tight-fitting clothing that can cause friction
  • Choose cotton-made underwear instead of synthetic materials.
  • Using safe menstrual products.
  • 2. Anal skin tag

    These are most common benign skin tags that normally appear near the areas around the anal. They may usually feel like skin bumps. It is also common to have several tags at ago.

    Various causes of anal tags

    Since the skin is loose than any part in the body, i.e. the skin around the area requires to keep expanding during the movements of bowel to allow stool to pass. Therefore, if the blood vessels close to the anus swell or enlarge, then they can lead to skin tags. Bulging and swelling of the areas around the anus are due to diarrhea, heavy lift, blood clothing among other causes.

    Removing anal tags

    Although the anal tags benign, but they can even still be given enough concern to eliminate them. Therefore, to remove the tags you should:

    To make the diagnosis, you should allow your doctor to conduct the physical examination by allowing him to do a visual examination for the signs of skin tag. Both endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy help to rule any concerns. Also, Cryotherapy may be used to eliminate the anal tags. In the case of many tags then the doctor recommends the removal of one tag at a time, to give each area time to heal.

    Shingles (Herpes Zoster)

    This is a skin tag that is normally caused due to latently affected nerve cells in a spinal cord or even the brain. With time the shingles turns red rash distributed on the skin which is supplied with the sensory nerve.

    Medical treatment to change the skin outlook

    Medical Approach

    If you visit a hospital or invite your doctor, then he/she will remove your moles or tags in the following ways:

    1. Electrosurgery

    Passing an electrical current with high frequency through the wire to come hot and then, using it to burn layers on the upper part of the skin is what is termed electrosurgery. Though you may need more than one treatment to remove the moles from your skin surface, skin cell advanced serum tags can be removed through burning the stem that attach themselves to the skin. The main purpose of heat in this case is to prevent breeding.

    2. Surgical Removal

    Using a pair of scissors or a scalpel then you will manage to snip off the tags from your skin. In some cases, some moles may be shaved off or flushed with the skin. In others, some doctor s might make deeper cuts, in situations where the moles have cells that go underneath the skin. They do this purposely to prevent them from growing back. The cuts may also require stitches.

    3. Cryotherapy

    The process of swapping or spraying a small amount of super-cold liquid nitrogen on the mole or skin tag is known as Cryotherapy. At some points, you may experience small blisters where the mole or tag was, but with time it will heal only by its own.

    4. Ligation

    Ligation is a situation where the doctor removes skin tag by the means of tying the mole off using a surgical thread. This approach is used to cut out the blood flow through into the mole or tag to suppress its growth.

    When should one see the doctor?

    Some skin conditions like moles and warts appears like skin tags. Since moles can be very cancerous. It, therefore, advised that you let the doctor examine the tags that are in your skin. They can normally do this exercise through visual examination. In case they have doubts about the real diagnosis, then it’s necessary to perform the biopsy.

    Ways you can identify the presence of a skin tag

    The peduncle is one of the main ways that one can identify the skin tag. Skin tags usually hangs off the skin unlike the moles and other small growth by the small stalk. In most cases, tags are very tiny and smaller in size than 2mm, but some may grow as big as many centimeters. They are often round, soft and smooth or at times they can be asymmetrical and wrinkly. They also may be fleshy-colored and too dark than the nearest skin.


    Having seen the various skin tags concerning the places that they tend to grow, then it will be better to take the possible actions as earlier before the case worsens, but in the areas where they cannot bring any effect to the outlook of your body then it’s okay to let them stay.

    Finally, you should plan to visit the doctor when necessary and you should be able to identify skin tags as easily as possible and take the required actions. Also for more information, you should learn more on HPV both in men and women and much more information over HPV.