How to Properly Fit Yourself to an Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is great for low-impact, high-intensity cardio also, building strength and endurance. However, to get the most benefits, you have to make sure that the exercise bike properly fits your body. As an example, for a taller person, it is essential to choose the best exercise bike that works well with the tall person.

Also, it is necessary to suit the bike with your height. Otherwise, you will hurt yourself, and it will be challenging to work out properly. So, here we will share some knowledge for choosing the perfect fitted bike for you.

Types of Exercise Bike

Now, exercise bikes fall into three categories: recumbent bikes, upright bikes, and indoor cycles.

Recumbent Bikes

These bikes are popular for their recline designs. In fact, recumbent bikes provide a chair-like seat, which allows you to lean back when pedaling. Also, its handlebars fixed at the seat side, and pedals are in front of the feet. Incidentally, this type of bike is well known for reducing stress on knees, low-intensive workouts, and fixing back issues.

Upright Bikes

Next, an upright bike is the traditional bike used in the gym or home gyms. By the way, an upright bike provides the smallest footprint, is easy to transport, and has a minimal design. Also, these bikes are best for lower body workouts. Meanwhile, few models offer upper body workouts. Finally, upright bikes ensure solid cardio workouts.

Indoor Cycle

Finally, there are a few differences between upright bikes and indoor cycles. For example, the indoor cycle’s handlebars are placed in a forward direction. Also, an indoor cycle allows users to engage more muscles by standing while cycling. Lastly, these bikes provide fewer features because they run without electricity.

How to Properly Fit Yourself to a Exercise Bike

The two vital factors for choosing an exercise bike are suitability and comfort. It is tough to get a suitable exercise bike that correctly fits you. But considering some features, you can easily ensure the comfort and suitability for you. These features are:

Adjustable Seat Height

An exercise bike should perfectly match the user’s height. While looking for an exercise bike, make sure seat height adjusts with your height. Put your hand palm lying flat on top of the bike seat and thumb on top of your hip bone. This is the easiest method for adjusting your height.

Another technique is sitting onto the bike, placing your heels on the bike pedal, and starting hopping. Make sure your knee should slightly bend about 5 to 35 degrees. If your knee has a slight bend, then for you it is the correct seat height. These methods are adequate for both short and tall people.

Distance Between Pedal and Handle

There must be enough gap between the pedal and handle. It will ensure free riding and won’t allow knocking your knees with the handle. Therefore, before purchasing, check the position of handlebars adequately. So that you can bend your elbows comfortably while riding. Ensure that the bike has straps to hold your feet on the pedals. It will allow a smooth pedal stroke.


Resistance occurs with the feeling of tension when you pedal the bike. Exercise bikes consist of three types of resistance, such as magnetic, mechanical, and strap-based resistance. Mostly, lower-end bikes use strap-based resistance. The strap is attached to its flywheel.

When this strap tightens the flywheel, it causes more resistance. With mechanical resistance, rubber pads are placed on the top or side of the flywheel. When you turn the tension knob, then the flywheel creates friction, which causes higher levels of resistance.

In magnetic resistance, two magnet’s position is close to the flywheel. With the increasing tension, knob magnets get closer and speed up the resistance. It requires very minor maintenance and provides a smooth ride.


Always consider a bright display and easy to control buttons. The display will show your real workout progress. For example, speed, calories burnt, resistance level, heart rate, distance time. The computer console can display your left and right leg power. It will allow users to know efficiency and identify muscle imbalance.


Consider those features that can provide comfort while biking. Like the padded seat, the width of the seat, backrest, padded handles, etc. A padded seat will assure a flexible sitting position. Padded handles ensure strong and comfortable grips of hands. Choose an open frame bike so that you can get on and get down easily.


Make sure that the bike comes with some accessories. You may consider built-in fans, acoustic sound system, water bottle holder, remote control cups, and magazine stand accessories. Fans will flow air while biking to ensure coolness.

When feeling bored or tired while biking, listen to music from its sound system. Some other aspects that you may consider are programming, durability, warranty. And most importantly, confirm that the bike has a safety lock. If it doesn’t have any lock, keep it away from children.

Benefits of Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes provide huge benefits for users. It offers a simple but massively effective workout. Some key benefits are given below.

  • Strengthen various muscles like the hamstring, leg, thigh, back part of your body.
  • Exercise bikes are best for toning legs.
  • Its low impact exercise is beneficial for joints and all levels of fitness.
  • Very effective for weight loss by burning calories.
  • It can help to regulate blood pressure, strengthen the heart and lungs.
  • It is the most effective form of cardiovascular exercise.
  • Easy to use, need less maintenance.
  • With an indoor bike, you don’t need to go outside.
  • Folding bikes are compact, so you can fold it and store it in cupboards if you want.
  • An exercise bike requires minimal space. So, you can keep it anywhere.


A perfectly fitted exercise bike can keep you physically fit. Also, prevent unnecessary injuries. But an imperfect exercise bike can cause extreme harm to your body. It can cause soreness, numbness, back pain, knee pain, neck pain, and many more. So, before investing, make sure to find the most fitted one for you. In this article, we tried to cover all the facts that you should consider when purchasing an exercise bike.