Being heavyweight is a present condition that affects many people across the globe. This may be caused by hereditary factors incrimination and the dietary habits that most people indulge in without knowing its consequences. This condition may be hard for people to bear and to some extent, it reduces the self-esteem of people. People need to lose weight to be fit and to have a relatively sizeable body.

However, heavyweight can be reduced or even lost. Strict observance of dietary needs and proper exercises. Upholding a good lifestyle that is punctuated with a balanced diet can suffice in cutting the excess weight. The ideal weight can be achieved if at all an individual can routinely observe the health measures to the latter. In this article we discuss ways to lose weight in a month.

Ways of losing weight in a short period

1. Setting target goals

When contemplating to start observing some measures of reducing some weight it is important to understand that three or four weeks can be slightly a few days to cut the excess weight. To reach some reasonable targets of losing some weight one can be assured of losing certain pounds per day and thereafter a week. This is often repeated over a certain period before one completely reduces the weight. The healthy wise protocols of losing weight are advised since they have been proven beyond any shred of doubt to be useful and beneficial in losing weight.

2. Reducing the amount of calories intake

The number of calories that one takes is directly proportional to the weight one must be having. Consuming fewer calories will therefore mean that one is tipped to cut down his or her weight by a pound per day. Health practitioners advise that one should take a maximum of 3500 calories in a day to avoid being obese. Cutting some 400 calories from one's diets is better and a good direction towards reducing body weight. Vegetables and any greens have been considered as ideal foods that help in cutting the body weight. This means that must consider reducing the craving of sweet foods such as sweets to cut the weight.

3. Proper choosing of the carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are known to be energy-giving foods however some may impact negatively on one is body by accelerating body weight. Many useful carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes are proven to be the best recipe for one wishing to cut weight and to remain fit.

4. Embrace a balanced diet

Any balanced diet is geared at providing the essential nutrients to the body and this will automatically translate to a proper and normal lifestyle that one should desire to practice. Green vegetables, nuts, rice, wheat pasta, and some less fat daily products are sure foods that will necessitate the bodyweight loss.

5. Put a break to processed foods

Overindulgence into processed foods is not a good habit ideally in combating the excessive weight in human beings. These foods are believed to contain some elements that facilitate excess body weight accumulation. For one to lose weight in a month he or she should avoid and abstain the taking of processed foods such as sodas, energy drinks, and sugary foods. If one can distance himself or herself from these foods then weight loss could be an easy thing.

6. Taking enough water

Water is an important solvent that should be taken in plenty by anybody. It is healthy for one to take enough water, especially after every meal. A total of eight glasses per day is good to go for anyone wishing to cut the excess weight loss. Adding some lemon inside the drinking water makes it better as it replaces other sugary foods such as soda which are not advised, medical practitioners. Therefore, enough water taking can mean good in reducing body weight.

7. Regular body exercises

There are many forms of exercise one can be required to partake. However, exercises such as squatting make one lose some fifteen to sixteen pounds in four weeks. When regularly practiced they help in increasing the mass of the muscle which in turn increases the rate of metabolism thus lowering the body weight.

8. Doing more cardio exercises

More cardio exercises increase the heartbeat and the ability to pump blood faster. This further increases metabolism which helps the body to function efficiently. This more cardiovascular exercises help one to lose and cut excessive weight.

9. Walking

Some small miles can be covered by walking about without necessarily running. This walking helps one to lose about twelve pounds in a month. Making some stretch walking will easily enhance the body to lose some weight within a month. Walking like other exercises should not be taken for granted. No exercise is small in terms of improving body functionality. Some calories can be lost from somebody pounds when one is walking.

10. Diversifying the exercises

Training in-circuit helps to cut the monotony of doing similar exercises for some time. When one does many different exercises, it helps him or her in reducing more calories that might lead to the accumulation of large weights. A lot of exercises help in creating some impetus in one to continuously practice thus him to cut the weight.

11. Supplement your diet with some proteins

Protein can satisfy the whole day without necessarily taking some snacks. Animal and plant proteins Protein has proved to be necessary for weight loss. Foods such as eggs, chicken fish, and nuts can suffice in reducing weight.

12. Take some light meal

One should take a light meal, especially when closing the day. This will necessitate the body in reducing the weight easily. The rate of digestion and metabolism will be okay when one has taken a light meal. Meals taken during the evening hours can be stored as fats hence not advisable to take heavy meals but one should think of taking of meals such as soups and salads.


Being physically fit is something good for anybody. Weight loss is important for normal human beings as it keeps them healthy and physically fit.