How to Lose Belly Fat after 65

It is hard to lose belly fat at any age, but it is incredibly more difficult after 65. This is because belly fat releases hormones that can impact your ability to lose weight, especially in the waist and abdominal areas. So, this post will discuss how to lose bely fat after 65. In general, there are few ways to lose belly fat.

  • Working out
  • Diet

Other ways include reducing stress in your life and getting good sleep. While these are impediments, they may resolve themselves if you work out on a regular basis.

Working Out

Of the four ways to reduce belly fat, the most significant ones are working out and changing your diet. To really burn belly fat, your daily regimen must include spurts of intense workouts. Intense workouts are those where you are forced to breathe hard. Because it is only these intense workouts that force the body to burn fat from the abdominal area.

Now, when you are younger, your body can generate high level of intensity. In fact, the younger you are the more intensity you can generate. But past 65 many find It hard to generate or sustain those intensity levels long enough for belly fat to get burned.

So, going to a fitness club and doing cardio workouts with an intensity you are capable of as a senior, unfortunately won’t be enough to burn belly fat. But it may be enough to reduce stress and get good sleep.

As a result, the only realistic option is to include diet in the equation. So, you consume just enough foods to meet your body needs. And combine that with workouts at an intensity you can put out without over doing it.


Now, there are workouts that seniors can do to burn calories. The easiest one is walking. However, walking burns calories at a slow rate. So, if you want to burn the needed calories, go for longer walks.

Walk as fast as you can while being safe to avoid tripping. Or you can walk slowly but go for much longer walks. By the way, if this is the first time, then walk slowly and go for shorter walks. And, as you get comfortable and stronger, increase the distance and the pace.

A 30-minute walk is a good start. And, as you get comfortable go for one hour walks at a pace that makes you breath hard. Remember, if your breathing doesn’t get hard you are not burning enough calories.

Fitness clubs

If you can go to a gym or a fitness club, elliptical machines provide a way to burn calories with minimal impact on joints.

Fitness clubs also have equipment to help you build muscles. The great thing about this equipment is you can start with small weights and gradually build up to using heavier weights. By the way, building muscles helps you burn more calories because muscles burn calories even when you are not working out.

For those seniors who feel comfortable using weights, workouts that require dumbbells and kettlebells are a great way to get the heart rate up and burn off the excess calories.


Diet is one of the most effective ways for seniors to lose belly fat. In fact, you can significantly reduce your weight, lose belly fat, and improve your health with a good diet and nutrition plan. For example, eat whole, nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. However, avoid foods high in saturated fats and trans fats.

In addition, there are dietary supplements that may be able to help you reduce calories ingested while still getting all the nutrients you need. However, consult with a doctor or nutritionist before you begin making changes to your eating habits.

Remember, the most important thing is the relationship between calories you ingest and calories you burn.  So, if you can’t do activities to burn calories you ought to cut back on calories you ingest.  But, if you want to eat and ingest more calories, then you must put in the time to exercise and burn off those excess calories.

However, if working out is not an option for you, then the only way to lose excess belly fat is to cut back on calories you eat and drink plenty of water. Eating low calorie foods is a good way to cut back. However, you also need to cut back on portion size. And, if you must munch, munch on carrots, low-calorie vegetables, or fruits.


Finally, it is important to track your progress. There are several ways to track the effects of your workouts. So choose one that's convenient to you.