How to Charge Your Fitness Tracker?

Fitness trackers, nowadays, are playing a significant role in maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The wide range of functioning that they provide includes measuring heart rates, reading blood oxygen levels, tracking physical progress, guiding to keep proactive, etc. To keep your fitness tracker device alive and well operating, you need to ensure adequate maintenance. Recharging the battery is one of them.

Have you recently bought a clip on fitness tracker and wondering how to charge it?

The charging process mostly varies according to the model of the devices. We will continue our discussion about the most popular brands available in the market.

Figuring Out How to Charge Your Fitness Tracker

We're gonna discuss specific ways to charge fitness trackers of various brands. Take a quick look at the brand you're using right now or intend to buy in the future.

Charging a Nike fuel brand

After pressing your fuel band's button, you will see a battery icon on the display if the charge is low. If the battery is empty and the device needs immediate charging, a plug-in icon will appear. Try one of the following options to charge your device.

  • A USB cable is usually provided. Connect your device with this cable and use any USB charger.
  • You can also charge your fuel band by directly connecting it to your computer's USB port.
  • To check the charging level, notice the battery icon on your device's display. It may take around 3 to 4 hours to fully charge.

Charging a Jawbone UP band

The recent models of Jawbone's bands provide a battery life of around 14 days. You can check your band's charge by looking at the sun status light on display. When the band's charge is lower than 10 percent, it will vibrate three times, and the red sun will glow.

Try the Following Tips for Charging
  • To charge your band, remove the silver cap and plug it with the USB cable that comes along with your bracelet, then connect it to your computer.
  • An alternative way is to buy "Jawbone's USB cable and wall charger." You don't need a computer to charge your band then.
  • The green sun will fade in and out to indicate charging and shine full when the charging is complete. The battery usually requires an hour or two to be ultimately charged.

Charging a Misfit Shine Tracker

The Misfit tracker can be used inside a wristband or in a necklace. This device's replaceable battery lasts about 4 to 6 months, and you can replace it with a simple button cell. Syncing your tracker to the Misfit App will allow you to check the estimated remaining battery life. Simply tap the device option and choose your device in the app. If your battery life is decaying, replace it following our tips below.

  • You can use the Battery Door Tool that comes with the packaging. However, you can also do it by your hands following the manual.
  • Be careful while placing the new battery. The (+) side of the battery should face the Shine tracker, and the (-) side should face outward.

Charging a Fitbit Force

A fully charged Force tracker lasts about 7 to 10 days. To check the battery level, you need to log into and click the gear icon. If there is one day or less of battery life remaining, the first screen will show a battery when you press the button on your tracker.

  • To charge your Force, connect the tracker to its USB cable and plug the other end of the cable into a computer/ a USB wall charger.
  • A battery icon on display will indicate the charging progress. The battery requires an hour or two to be completely charged.

Charging a Fitbit Flex

Checking the battery life is the same as that for Fitbit Force. The battery usually lasts about five days without charging.

  • To charge Fitbit, connect the tracker to its USB cable and plug the other end of the cable into a computer/ a USB wall charger/ a USB adapter. It usually takes around three hours to fully charge a Flex tracker.

Charging a Xiaomi Mi Band

Look at the three indicators on your Mi Band. If they start blinking with RED lights, then you must go for the following options to charge it up.

  • The Xiaomi Band 4 users need to remove the band host from the main body of the bracelet. The charging base already has a USB cable attached to it. Clip the band host on the charging base and plug the cable's end to the USB port of a computer or a mobile phone's power adapter interface.
  • The Mi Band 5 users need not remove the main body from the bracelet. The magnetic charging pin attached to the back of the device can start the charging process when it brings the charger closer.
  • When charging, the status lights flash green. The lights will stop blinking and stay green when the charge is full.


You've already understood that the charging process varies from brand to brand. It also gets modified in newer versions of a brand. Choose what is best suited for you.

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