How To Calculate Your Soul Urge Number?

Following these steps, you will learn how to use the soul urge calculator and calculate your soul urge number easily.

Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

1. Write down your full birth names (including all middle names) on one long word. For example, EMILYJENNIFERSTONE.

2. Identify the vowels in your birth name.

3. Assign each vowel its numerology number

A = 1

U = 3

E = 5

O = 6

I = 9

Y = 7 (sometimes…)

(‘y’ acts differently to other vowels. Sometimes it is often a consonant, so it only must be counted within the instances when it represents a vowel. For example, within the name ‘Emily,’ the letter ‘y’ is taken into account a vowel. You can determine more samples of the cases when ‘y’ may be a vowel within the Merriam-Webster dictionary. You only got to count it if it appears to function as a vowel.)

4. Add all the vowels numbers up

5+9+7+5+9+5+6+5 = 51


5. Reduce the total to a single-digit

Keep adding up the vowels in your name, until you get one digit. In the example above 5+1 = 6. The numerology soul number for EMILYJENNIFERSTONE is 6. With the exceptions of master numbers 11, 22, and 33 your heart’s desire number will always reduce down one digit.

It’s also important to notice that there's no soul number 10 (it would wish to be reduced to one digit 1+0 = 1).

How to Consider Y?

The letter Y could be a bit tricky to use. Sometimes it's considered a vowel and at other times a consonant, counting on how it's used and the way it sounds within the name.

When to use the letter "Y" as a VOWEL

First, when Y is a vowel and looks like a vowel, or when Y is that the only vowel within the syllable (Mary, Carolyn, Betty).

Also, when Y precedes another vowel during a syllable and provides the sound (Bryan, Wyatt).

When to use the letter "Y" as a CONSONANT

First, when Y follows another vowel, and it doesn't provide for a separate vowel (Murray, Hayley).

Second, when the syllable already has another vowel (except when Y precedes another vowel during a syllable and provides the vowel sound).

Finally, when Y is used in place of a J sound ( Yamaha, Toyota, Yoda).

Explore the Power in Your Name

According to mystical doctrines, all words have power. In some teachings, words have the power to create and destroy, and you may have encountered these effects when experiencing people with great personal power. Words identify and describe things, directions and places in such a way that the most complex ideas can be given to those who do not have exposure to them by choosing the right words to use. In many traditional societies, and even in the modern academic, business, and scientific worlds, the right words define your level of knowledge and experience. It could be said that word are keys that make different fields of experience; that they are keys that open the doors to the life you want.

The main thing of importance to know about words is that they are something that we consciously use every day – words are a control system for our personal magic. This may seem obvious, but you may not realize that the most powerful word in your personal universe is your name.

Your name is the first gift you received after birth, and it was chosen specifically for you, Sometimes we choose our own names. Through the laws of correspondence, a name contains within it the power of choice.

Your name, when analyzed by arithmetic methods, can help you understand how to give your actions the most power so that they bring the results you want. In order to properly use your name as a tool, you need to understand the powers, or symbols from which it is constructed.