How Long Should You Run on an Elliptical to Lose Weight

Running on an elliptical machine can be the best way to lose weight rapidly. To burn fat without any side effects, you have to know how long should you run on an elliptical to lose weight the right way.

Running time on an elliptical machine is important to reach your goal. You must obey the right elliptical machine time.

Also, you will learn, in this post, the approximate time that you have to spend on the machine based upon your age.

You must consider the mistakes at the last point while running on the elliptical machine.

Elliptical machine

An elliptical machine is very common in the gym. It features updated devices and technology. This machine can be used for walking, running, or jumping.

Also, this machine is suitable for all ages for its ease of use. Anybody can run and walk on the footpad of the machine. This machine allows us to do cardiovascular exercises at home.

The most efficient use of this machine is to lose fat and weight. No matter how much you weigh, just keep running on the machine. It will burn your fat naturally.

In the case of use, you can set your goal on a good electric elliptical machine. To get the exact time that you have to spend on the machine, you have to enter your weight and age into the machine.

After getting your weight and age, the machine will calculate and show you an approximate time. This updated feature will help you to exercise for the right amount of time.

This machine is beneficial for weight loss, your abs, and keeping your body fit by doing the workout.

How long should you run on an elliptical machine to lose weight

Now, you will get a primary time limit from the machine that you have to spend on the machine. But, first, you have to put your current weight, height, and age into the machine.

Consequently, the machine will show you the approximate time to exercise. Besides the result of the machine, you can follow the instructions of the physicians. I have highlighted the particular time limits below.

Young or 20 to 35 ages: If you are in these age groups, then you can set a long and hard target to burn your fat. According to your age and physical condition, you can set a goal of 40 hours a month.

But, first, you have to set a routine. Just select a schedule to continue the regular exercise. Then, divide the time into smaller intervals. Here, you have to spend 80 minutes per day.

Middle-aged or 36 to 45 ages: Middle-aged men or women can follow the routine of the younger group also. If they have potential strength and fitness to run, then they can lose weight easily with this machine.

If you are between these ages, then you can set the running time as 30 hours per month. It can be a little bit hard but you have to maintain these durations.

Arrange the running time as 60 minutes per day so that you can meet your goal easily.

Older 45 and above: If you are above 45 and still have the mind to lose weight, then you are also welcome. This machine could be the best equipment for exercise at home.

Just reduce the time based on your age and physical condition. For example, you can spend 20 to 25 hours per month on the machine.

It will help you to keep your body fit and energetic. Maintain a routine of spending 60 minutes on the machine 5 days a week.

How long should you walk on the elliptical machine to keep fit

To keep your body fit, you have to do some daily workouts either in the gym or at home. Here, the time durations depend on your current physical condition.

You can walk on the footpad approximately 60 minutes per day. Change the intensity of the motor several times while you are walking.

Measure your calories every week to check out the progress.

How to use an elliptical machine to lose weight

Step 1 Set a goal: Set goal for burning fat including time. The more time you spend on the machine, the more fat you can burn in a day.

Researchers say that one could burn 1 to 2 pounds per week running in this machine. So, measure your weight and set a goal.

Step 2 Get an elliptical machine: Buy either a compact elliptical trainer, long stride elliptical, stepper elliptical, or recumbent elliptical machine depending on your budget and target. Before buying one, check out the updated features of the machine.

Step 3 Do some work out before running: Before running on the machine, you should do some good workout. This workout will boost the blood circulation in your cells.

Step 4 Adjust the intensity: Setting the right intensity for the first time is a crucial part. Here, you can get help from the user manual of the machine.

You should set a comfortable RPM to do it easily. Try to set the RPM level that can be a little bit hard for you.

Change the RPM level every 10 to 15 minutes later. This customization of intensity level will help you to burn fat rapidly.

Step 5 Run with different time-lapse: Start the main workout. Take a break every 10 minutes. Slow down the speed for 10 minutes.

Then, increase the speed in the next 10 minutes. Maintain this time-laps throughout the whole exercise time.

Mistakes we do on an elliptical machine

  • Sometimes, we set very high resistance to burn fat rapidly. If, its set too high, you may not even be able to use the machine. But assuming, its not set that high, if the resistance is much higher than your physical capacity, you may harm your health.
  • We don't change direction. As a result, we become habituated in the same direction. It becomes of no use.
  • To start the work out hurry, we don’t put our information in the machine. The machine can calculate our appropriate timing.
  • We forget to do some work out before running on the machine. Without the workout, it may increase our blood pressure at an excessive level.

Bottom line

Before running on the machine, put your information in the machine. The machine will calculate how long you should run on an elliptical to lose weight.

Follow the safety measures so that you may not harm your physical condition while running on the machine.