Heating Pads Buyers Guide

Heating pads buyers guide gives insight into heating pads for generating heat that are reviewed elsewhere on this site.. Because, they improve blood circulation, these pads are an effective therapy for sore muscles, cramps, and back pain. Incidentally, use this heating pads buyers guide along with the heating pads frequently asked questions to find the best one.

Heating Temperature

First and foremost, the heating temperature has a direct benefit on the effectiveness of heat therapy. Moreover, the wider the range of available temperatures, the more choices you have to select the most appropriate temperature. As a result, there is less likelihood of being disappointed with temperatures that are either too low or too high.

Fast Heat

Next, when you are in discomfort, you want the pad to get heated as fast as possible. Moreover, pads that take too much time to heat may try your patience. Incidentally, some advanced heating pads can heat up in seconds.

Moist and Dry Heat

Now, moist heat goes more deeper than dry heat. Consequently, moist heat is more effective at providing relief. By the way, heaters that provide moist heat, require you to either spray mist or wipe the heating surface with a wet cloth.

While dry heat is the more convenient option, it may not be a suitable for people who have sensitive skin. Also, frequent exposure to dry heat can cause the skin to dehydrate. As a result, there is the potential for skin problems in the future. Incidentally, most electric models generate dry heat.

Auto Shut-off

Furthermore, auto shut-off prevents you from getting overheated. Be that as it may be, you may not want the heat therapy for the maximum duration possible. In fact, you may want it for a lesser time period. Therefore, heating pads that let you set lower duration for the auto shut-off, allow you to relax and focus on the heating therapy and not on the elapsed time.

Pad Size

Finally, the pad size determines how much of your body gets heat therapy. For example, getting a smaller heating pad will limit the area getting heat therapy. On the other hand, a large heating pad lets you get heat therapy over a much larger part of your body. However, you may only want the heat therapy on smaller areas. Therefore, the size of the pad is dictated by that preference.