Handheld Back Massagers FAQ

Contains handheld back massagers FAQ or frequently asked questions about handheld back massagers, reviewed elsewhere on this site. Use handheld back massagers FAQ with handheld back massagers buyers guide to find best one.

Q. What to look for in choosing a handheld back massager?

A. First, identify massage heads that best satisfy your needs. Consequently, you can pare down the choices to only the massagers having these massage heads.

Next, choose between a portable, battery powered massager or a corded massager. A battery powered massager, assumes the battery is charged and ready to go when you need it. And, if the battery has been drained, you may have to wait for the battery to be, at least, partially charged. On the other hand, a corded massager is ready to go, if you have no issues with the power cord coming in the way during the massage.

Finally, look at the warranty and return policy and see if they are adequate for your needs.

Q. How long should you use the handheld back massager?

A. It has been recommended that handheld back massager be used for up to 15 minutes a session.

Q. How often should you use the handheld back massager?

A. It is recommended that you use the handheld back massager for up to three or four times a week.

Q. What happens if you use the handheld back massager too often?

A. Unfortunately, if you use the handheld back massager too often, it can damage muscles, cause inflammation and bruise tissues.

Q. What are handheld back massagers good for?

A. Indeed, research shows that back massagers stimulate blood circulation and relax stiff muscles.

Q. What kind of massage do handheld back massagers provide?

A. Handheld back massagers, used at home, provide either a shiatsu or percussion massage.

A shiatsu massager uses massage nodes that are designed to mimic the fingers or palms of a human massager to directly target pain through pressure.

Meanwhile, a percussion massager uses vibrations to penetrate deep into the muscles, thereby allowing them to relax.

Q. Which parts of the body can the handheld massager be used for?

A. Use the handheld massager on the back of your neck and down to your calves. Also, you can use them from your shoulder to your forearms.  Focus on the biggest muscles in your body, like the “traps” between your shoulders and on either side of your neck. Also, the muscles along your spine, your thighs, glutes, and calves.

Q. Which parts of the body to avoid with a handheld massager?

A. First, don’t use the massager on your face or parts of your body that are small enough to get pinched. Second, don't use it on parts of your body where you feel bone. Also, most areas on the front of your body are too soft and delicate for a massager. Finally, if in doubt, talk to an expert.