Handheld Back Massagers Buyers Guide

Handheld back massagers buyers guide provides insight into handheld back massagers, reviewed elsewhere on this site. Also, use handheld back massagers buyers guide along with handheld back massagers FAQ to find best one.


First and foremost, in order to find the best handheld back massager, evaluate the massager's components and features to see how they help you. A description of these components and features is provided below.

Curved Head

Now, a curved head is best for massaging your arms and legs.


First, the intensity of a handheld back massager is controlled by its speed, or the frequency at which the massage head goes back and forth. For example, lower speeds are good for a relaxing massage. And, as the speed increases you get a stronger deep tissue massage to relieve more intense pain. However, a very fast speed can be uncomfortable for some people. Therefore, choose a massager which lets you adjust the speed and thereby the intensity.

Massage Heads

While, there are many variations to the shape of massage heads, some examples are described below.

Kneading or 1-Point Head

Next, a kneading massage is like kneading dough. In fact, this massage causes muscle tissue to push against each other and the bones. As a result, a kneading massage helps loosen tension in tight muscles, thereby giving you relief from pain and improve flexibility. By the way, a kneading head is a pointed head meant to press hard into muscles.

Round Head

Meanwhile, a wide round head gives you a gentle massage. As a result, it helps to relax your muscles. And it’s good for anyone who doesn’t want a deep hard massage.

Scalp Head

Furthermore, a scalp head is used for a light massage of the scalp. Most of all, this massage gets you relief from stress and tension. Also, it improves blood circulation to the head. And, it makes you less tired.


Because you may use the massager on your neck, upper back and arms it comes close to your ears. Consequently, you want it to be relatively quiet.

Power Source

AC Outlet

On the other hand, a handheld back massager with a power cord frees you from battery issues. However, the power cord requires you to use the massager near a power outlet. Finally, you need to ensure the power cord is long enough for the way you use the massager. For example, a short power cord will put limitations on how you use the back massager. While, a power cord that is too long, may make the massager somewhat bulky to move around. Also, you may end up with cord on the floor, which may cause you to trip.


Most of all, a massager that uses batteries gives you a lot of freedom in how and where you use the massager. However, batteries have a limited amount of time before they need recharging. So, you need to decide if the amount of time a battery can operate the massager continuously, is enough for your needs. In addition, you need to consider if the time to recharge a battery works for your needs.


Next, the warranty and return policy is an indicator of the massager’s reliability. That doesn’t mean the massager isn’t going to break down in the first month. However, if it does, it likely had manufacturing defect and the seller should replace it. But, once it goes past that initial period, the massager should work fine for a long time, especially if the warranty covers a longer period.


Finally, since it is a handheld back massager, it’s weight will determine whether it’s comfortable for you to use with one hand. However, a massager that’s too heavy or bulky, may make it difficult to use on your back and tire out your hands or arms.

Also, sometimes you need to push the massager against your back. So, the massager needs to be light enough for your hand to do the pushing against your back. On the other hand, a light massager may not be powerful enough or of good quality.

By the way, there is a way to find out what weight works for you. So, get a long plastic bottle and fill it with water. Then, hold the top and verify if you are comfortable pushing the bottle against the part of the back you are typically going to massage. Consequently, that’s the weight of the back massager to get.