Foot Spa Buyers Guide

Contains foot spa buyers guide for foot spa massagers, reviewed elsewhere on this site. Also, foot spa buyers guide is used in conjunction with foot spa frequently asked questions to find the best.


First, bubbles stimulate acupuncture points on your soles. As a result, you get a comforting, relaxing massage that may melt away stress. Also, water jets that create bubbles improve blood circulation, relieve pressure, and pain.


Next, massage tubs with a drainage tube or hole makes it easier to empty the tub of the water.

Duration of Massage

Furthermore, some massagers let you set the time you want to use the massager. Meanwhile, 30 minutes is the recommended duration.

Foot Size

Especially relevant, some foot spa massagers are long and can accommodate those with longer feet, such as a foot size of US-15 or lower. While others are not so long and can only be used by those with smaller feet, such as a foot size of US-12 or lower.

Grinding or Pedicure Stone

Next, some foot bath massagers have a rotating grinding stone, or pedicure attachment in the center. Consequently, by placing parts of your feet on the stone or the attachment helps get rid of calluses, and dry, dead skin from the soles (exfoliation).

Heat - Water Temperature

Now, when heat is applied, it causes the soft tissue, near the skin, to relax and become more supple. Also, heat results in an increase of blood flow to the area. In addition, the heated skin stimulates sensors and blocks pain signals from being sent to the brain. As a result, the heated water comforts and relaxes feet and body. Consequently, stress melts away. Incidentally, the temperature of the heated water, typically, can be set from 95 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Infrared Light

Also, some spa massagers have infrared or red light on the floor of the tub. By the way, this infrared or red light can sterilize the soles and promote cell regeneration of dead cells and increases vitality of skin at the bottom of your feet. Also, infrared light promotes blood circulation, eliminates swelling of the foot, reduces fatigue, promotes foot repair, and skin regeneration.


First, the intensity of the roller’s massage is determined by how hard you press your feet against the rollers. For example, with manual rollers, the harder you press, the more massage you feel. On the other hand, with motorized rollers, you may not be able to press hard against the rollers.

Red Light

Second, red light gives a soothing feeling.

Rollers - Number

Third, the number of rollers for each foot determines how much effort you may need to put in to massage your entire foot. For example, with 4 rollers for one foot, the foot doesn’t have to go back and forth too far to massage the whole foot. On the other hand, with one roller in the middle of the foot, your foot needs to move, first to the heels or the toes and then travel the length of the foot to massage the opposite end. So, it could be bit of an effort and you may tire of doing it too many times. Moreover, with some motorized rollers, you may be limited in your ability to move your feet back and forth.

Rollers - Power

Next, rollers come in two forms: they are either manually rotated by your feet or they are turned by motors.

Rollers - Type

Most of all, there are several types of rollers. Some have smooth edges. Others have raised protrusions or acunodes. While, others have round surfaces facing the foot.

Spa Material Container

Also, some spa massagers have the capability of putting spa materials in the water. For example, you can add bath salts, Epson salts, rose petals, and others to enhance your experience.

Tai Chi Wheels

Meanwhile, Tai Chi wheels are round rotating wheels facing the soles. Moreover, these wheels feature Tai Chi which is a Chinese character.

Tips to Help You Find the Right Foot Spa Massager

Focus on Massagers that will Fit Your Foot

First and foremost, eliminate massagers that are too small for your feet. In fact, this will avoid wasting time on massagers that will never accommodate your feet.

Manual or Motorized Foot Spa Massagers?

Next, with motorized rollers, all you need to do is to place your feet in the spa tub. However, because the motorized rollers are in fixed positions, the entirety of your soles may not get the massage you are looking for.

On the other hand, rollers that are moved manually by your feet, may be able to massage your entire sole. However, you need to physically move your feet to get that massage. In addition, with a manual massager, you can control the intensity of the roller’s massage on your soles by simply pressing down or lifting your feet.

Decide on Desirable Features

Finally, having trimmed your choices of massagers, decide on features that appeal to you and those that you can do without.


In addition, spa tubs with handles and wheels make it easier to move and lift the tub.


Next, jets of water in the tub, create not only bubbles, but also vibrations that massage the soles. Meanwhile, other ways vibrations are generated include rollers with protrusions on the edges of the rollers.


Finally, some spa massagers provide service beyond the standard 30-day free return policy.