Foot Massager Buyers Guide for Plantar Fasciitis

Contains foot massager buyers guide that is used for understanding foot massagers. Incidentally, foot massager FAQ or frequently asked questions also provide valuable insight into these foot massagers.

Ease of Use

First, many foot massagers use panels physically located on the massager to manage its features. However, these panels require you to bend. On the other hand, some provide remote controllers. And, these controllers make it easy to manage the massager features without having to bend down.

Massager Types

Most of all, these massagers come in two forms: open and closed. First, in the open foot massagers, you simply place your feet on the surface of the massager while it provides a massage. Meanwhile, in a closed foot massager, the feet are totally enclosed by the massager. Because of its design, the closed foot massager provides more features and functionality than the open foot massager. While both types help Plantar Fasciitis, the closed foot massager provides air and heat massages that further that contribute to getting relaxed.

Massages Provided

Compressed air massage helps the muscles in the arches and sides of your feet. Above all, the massage occurs by the alternate inflation and deflation of airbags in the massager.

Heat massage helps you relax. Also, the heat causes blood vessels in the vicinity to dilate. Consequently, blood circulation improves. And this results in more oxygen and nutrients to flow through your feet. As a result, muscle recovery speeds up.

Kneading massage is done on the soles of your feet. There are several ways this is done. For example, some massagers use massage heads to generate circular or back and forth movements on the soles.

Shiatsu massage. In this massage, pressure is applied to different parts of the feet. Above all, this pressure stimulates and relaxes the muscles as well as improving circulation of blood.


Meanwhile, massagers differ in their warranty and return periods. By and large, the longer the warranty period and return period, the more reliable the massager. This is important, because many of these massagers have moving parts.