Fat Freezing Results – Does it Work?


There is no surprise, especially in determining whether fat freezing result-does it work. Usually, the body tends to eliminate some fats, which are stubborn, and which do not respond to exercise and body diet. This, fat, attacks some specific parts in the body such as thighs, buttocks, and your arms.

In general, fat freezing has shocked many people because of its non-surgical procedure that destroys your fat cells. However, it is a popular option for some people who struggle with the fats of the body that is very difficult to lose. Therefore, this article provides insight information on how fat freezing works and its results. So, let us have a look at it.

What is a fat freezing machine?

The fat freezing machine is a device used in carrying non-surgical liposuction useful in the breaking down of the unwanted body fats. In the process, the treatment of the body tends to remove any stubborn fat which does not respond to body exercises and diet.

The fat freezer machine usually targets some small areas of the body, like on the upper arm and the chin, that is troublesome. And, it treats them with a combination of ultrasound cavitation, radio frequency, lipo suction, and laser.

How fat freezing works

As its name suggests, fat freezing usually works through the crystallization of the cells that are not useful in the body. The process makes these cells die away completely and leave the body. During the process of cryolipolysis treatment, the patient sits for about two hours as he/she cools the puddle suction on the skin, crystallizing the fat cells.

The doctor puts an extraordinary machine using suction like a vacuum on where the patient has a problem. What happens here, the cells of fat that are on the surface get frozen and finally die instantly as a result. This process through which the cells leave your body system and die is called cell death or simply apoptosis.

Once the fat cells are dead, the body of the patient now gains enough energy in absorbing the destroyed cells from the body. At this point, the liver gets an opportunity of breaking down the fat cells hence removing them from the body in the form of waste products.

When the doctor is through with the process, the body of the patient eventually flushes away the fat cells that have died, thus leaving behind the treated region toned and slimmer.  Incidentally, the entire process may take something like 45 minutes because cryolipolysis does not have a specific time for recovery. Therefore, you can be sure to resume your work after operation immediately after the 45 minutes.

Fat freezing results

Usually, it takes some treatment often to get results for the patient. The specialist says that only a single treatment may yield tiny change or result. However, under normal conditions, the results may appear and seen after say three weeks while the maximum can be up to one month. The average fat cell reduction in the body ranges from 10-25 percent as per one treatment without showing any evidence of effects on the size of the body.

Therefore, once you get the result and realize that you have not gotten what your desired, you can go for a second round for similar treatment until you are satisfied. The process of fat freezing is practical and useful for the loss of fat without any downtime for surgery. Besides, it is good to know that cryolipolysis mainly causes fat loss without changes in weight.

The best candidate to undergo the process has already its average weight but with the problem of stubborn fat which is hectic in getting rid of the exercise and diet at large. Notably, fat freezing does not work with visceral fat; therefore, you should not expect it to have any impact of improving your general health.

Cryolipolysis plays a vital role in helping you wear your favorite skinny jeans.

Positive results of fat freezing

Fat freezing usually comes with several benefits as shown below:

  • Fat freezing features a low risk procedure since there is no associated infection.
  • The process is suitable since it is available on an outpatient basis.
  • The entire process does not necessarily require the patient to be anaesthetized without undergoing the real procedure.
  • Cryolipolysis process allows the treatment of several parts of the body.
  • The process allows many patients to resume their daily chores immediately once the entire treatment is over.
  • It is suitable for all people of different ages.
  • Does not cause any damages to the nerve fiber, muscles, blood vessels or any lasting destruction to the skin in the region of treatment.
  • Fat freezing is beneficial since you can remove the fat cells destroyed or damaged entirely from your body.
  • Due to the improvement in physical appearance, the patient usually experiences increased self-esteem.

People whom fat freezing is not recommended

Mostly, persons with underlying conditions like overweight and obesity should not undergo the procedure. Also, cryolipolysis is not suitable for people having any skin that has a cut or any injury since the process has some severe dermatitis, varicose vein or even some other lesions from the surface.

Also, those people with abnormal refreshing sensitivity as well as cold intolerance are not appropriate for the process. Besides, the entire process is no longer recommendable for people with the following underlying conditions.

  • Paroxysmal hemoglobinuria, which is a disease that damages the red blood cells ultimately.
  • Raynaud’s phenomenon, where cold temperatures hinder the flow of blood to the toes and fingers. 
  • Cryoglobulinemia that is vasculitis which results from abnormal proteins which become like a gel during the cold season.
  • Cold urticaria, which is a rare condition where the skin produces itchy spots once exposed to the cold temperature.


As you can see from the above, you can agree with us that fat freezing result comes with several benefits to people without any underlying condition. Therefore, if you intend to reduce unnecessary fats from your body, then feel free to decide and visit a doctor for you to get your required skinny body.