Elliptical Stepper Buyers Guide

First and foremost, this elliptical stepper buyers guide may help you research elliptical steppers. Also, this elliptical stepper buyers guide can be used with elliptical stepper FAQ to help you find the best one.


First, check out if the machine has a water bottle holder, a place for your mobile device such as your cell phone or tablet.

Body Weight

Second, one of the things to consider when selecting a stepping elliptical is ensuring the maximum weight it can support exceeds your weight.


Third, a console will display your progress expressed as workout time, calories burned, revolutions per minute, and distance. Other useful features include a display showing graphically your workout progress.

Heart Rate Monitor

Fourth, a heart rate monitor will enable you to track your heart rate as you work out. Consequently, you can turn up the workout to achieve your targeted heart rate.

Horizontal Stride

Fifth, look for a horizontal stride of at least 6 inches. Anything less may not give you a good workout.


Next, there is nothing more irritating that a noisy elliptical stair stepper. Now, machines with a heavy weight flywheel are known to provide a smoother and a quieter workout. Also, a smooth belt drive mechanism helps deliver a quiet workout.


Meanwhile, resistance determines the amount of exertion you will have to put out during the workout. So, the more the resistance, the more calories you will burn, for a given stepping rate.


Also, ensure that the elliptical stepper combo stays stable as you go through periods of intense workouts. Incidentally, a heavier machine is more likely to ensure stability than a lighter machine.

Vertical Climb

Furthermore, the vertical climb should be enough to give you a good workout. So, look for a vertical climb of at least 8 inches.


Finally, a warranty helps you with peace of mind once you’ve invested in a stepping elliptical. Now, in general, warranties cover the frame, motor, parts, and labor. Also, it goes without saying, the longer the warranty, the less likely the stepping elliptical will break down, at least during the duration of the warranty.